Birthday Party update

So Molly's party is in a couple of weeks and I have been working on some things for it this snow week. We've been snowed in from the "Blizzard of 2011" since Monday night. I was planning on getting out today, but the snow plow came through the neighborhood this morning and pushed 2 1/2 feet of snow into the driveway...so I guess it will be tomorrow before I can get out. I have a hair appointment tomorrow at 10 so I have to get out...I HAVE TOO!!!

But I digress!

THis post is really to show you how Molly's party is coming along. Remember this...

My inspiration board...I really love the theme..Cupcakes! And the colors...Hot pink, red, and purple...I'm using both light and dark purple.

Here's what I've done...
I made a felt ruffle wreath...I originally saw it over at the The Domestic Wannabe.

Amazing!! It only took me about 2 1/2 hours.

Inside of the wreath (in the picture, not in reality) is her invite.
I ordered it from ETSY.... PolkaDot Printables.

I got some decor from ETSY as well. The decor below is from the store Get the Party Started. She and the woman who did the invite are actually sisters so they were able to cordinate everything. It was a great experience. After I got everything, I actaully went back and ordered some stickers to match as well. More to come on that later!

After making the wreath, I'm not exactly sire where I'm going to put this...maybe on my parent's back door. But i love it!! Another pic of the wreath...and Molly's bow...see below! This is part of her outfit...My mom got the pettiskirt in Fayettville at Dillard's. Her shirt is not in yet but I got it from Etsy (I have a slight obsession, don't judge)

Her shoes came from ETSY... Ivory and Moss is one of my favorite stores!! I love her shoes and they are made with the best care!! I ordered them a little big so she could wear them after birthday!

Her bow came from my favorite bow maker EVER!!! If you haven't had Princess Couture Designs, then you are missing out. Michellene is great and so easy to work with...she's made a few other bows for Molly. Remember this one? Or this one? Or this one? Or this one? Okay, so I have a slight obession with Princess Couture too! She's also made a cow halloween bow and a few others...But again, I digress.

I don't want to give you close up yet...I will when her whole outfit is in...
Here's a look at the guest bed...i.e. the staging area. Molly's party is actually at my parent's house (30 minutes away)

The last thing I want to show you in my FAILED attempt at the tissue paper pom pom...I followed the directions on the Martha Stewart website. BIG FAT FAIL!!!

Anyone have great, sage advice? How can I make it better?

More to come later!!!

God Bless!


chelsea said...

For Bailey's wedding we used the tissue paper pom-poms and decorations, I am pretty sure I made at least 50 or so myself :) It took a couple of practice runs before we go them down (the more you do the easier they get), but I think we fluffed constantly and used extra tissue paper to make them fuller. Hope this helps :)

sfloyd said...


Jenn said...

I just made 3 poms last night for a shower. I too followed the instructions off the same website. The first was ok...but then I improvised. I used more tissue paper than what it called for...10 sheets instead of the 8 and this helped alot. They aren't perfect by any means...like they don't come together perfectly like I wished they would but they are still pretty good. Just practice. The other thing I did wrong was I couldn't find 20x30 paper so mine is 20x20...this might have something to do with it too. I think her party theme/decor looks FAB!! :)

sfloyd said...

I too used 20x20 paper...I'll work on it!! Thanks!

Jessica said...

You got such cute stuff and did an awesome job on the wreath! It's adorable!

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