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So over at Kelly's Korner, she's asking about beauty secrets. As you know, from the post below...I recently got my hair cut and colored. I thought it might be fun to see past hair.
I need change when it comes to hair. I get bored and change it practically every year.
Kindergarten - 1988 I don't have many pictures from High School on facebook (which is where I pulled all these off of)

College - Frehsman Year (with my roomie Sara...we were Sara squared) Spring 2003- very short and VERY blond... I remember the day I got this hair...I spent way too much on it but at the time, I felt sexy and fun. It didn't hurt that I went to this from my natural color in a pont tail all the time. It's a wonder I even had friends during my freshman year. :)

Same time period - Fall 2004 - Sig Ep formal in little Rock

College - Junior Year - Spring 2005 - I went darker and a little bit shorter - This was my favorite cut and color. It's also the hair I had when I met my dear husband. Summer 2007 - Bachelorette party in Hot Springs - i was growing it out for the wedding. It was blonder than it looks though... July 2007 - Wedding Hair - I loved it that day -

Fall 2007 - When I got home from Hawaii (honeymoon) I cut it and colored it - it was super easy to do - plus I'm a short hair girl!

Fall 2007 Fall 2009/ Winter 2010 - Pregnancy hair - this is pretty much as natural as it gets. I can do it curly or straight. I've got some natural curl so I can gel it and get some volume. It was so full and lush...I loved it.

Fall 2010 - I got in the habit of putting it up wet and using bobby pins to pin the "poof" up...

Since my new hair cut, (last week), I've started using more product than I have ever before. I use Paul Mitchell's Forming foam and spray wax now. I LOVE IT!!! The last couple of days, I've gelled it and scrunched it. I love this new hair. The color and the cut are so me. It's very easy to do and I love the fact that it doesn't have to be done "perfectly" to look good. Messy is way easier.
Make-up wise:
I am a simple kind of girl. I wear Almay concealer, loose powder and Mac blush. My eye make-up is what I change the most - mostly all Almay (I love the smoky eye shadows). I buy all my make-up and "face supplies" at the drug store or Target.
God Bless!


Sasha said...

Your new haircut is cute cute cute! I've been gradually going darker too and I am liking it.

Lori said...

The new haircut is cute! It was a neat idea to share all these pictures! I've never thought about the crazy cycles my hair has gone thru year by year. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. R said...

Thanks for sharing the hair timeline. Changing hair is fun! Especially if you're going shorter and can get quick results. I'm currently growing mine out....ugh. Stay tuned for an "I gave up and chopped it off" post in a few months. ha.


srp said...

I'm going to find some others from years ago to show you. You didn't mention the year that it was the same color as the basketball court.

Meredith said...

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