Molly's First Birthday

(Disclaimer: Picture Overload)
On Wednesday, we woke Molly up and wished her "Happy Birthday!" SHe was in a great mood! I was super happy! We got her breakfast eaten, dressed and gave her present to her. Justin and I got her a "big girl" high chair. One that sits in a real chair. She's liking it okay.

We woke up on Saturday morning and chilled out as a family for a little while. Molly got to use her "big girl" high chair again.

Meet the distructo baby!

Molly turned 1 last Wednesday but we celebrated on Saturday! It was at my parent's house and there were about 25 people. (hence the reasson it was there)

Everything went off without a hitch...although there was an issue with the cupcake pops..but more on that in a bit.

We got out to my parent's house around 11:00 am (for the party around 2). I picked up the cupcakes and Molly's cake before hand and was so pleased with them. They were from a bakery in downtown Springfield called Amy Cakes.

I got my dad a cake too b/c it was technically his party as well!

For vendor info see this post.

We, of course, had too much food!! My mom and I always overdo it but I'd rather have too much than not enough!

I was a little nervous b/c I wasn't sure how Molly would do with all the people and some she doesn't see very often. BUT SHE DID AMAZING!!! She was friendly and happy all day.
She looked so cute too!

She didn't really enjoy eating the cake but it was fun watching her pick and "taste" it. We're still struggling with realy food but that's for another post.

This is what was left after her "eating". In reality, I did most of the "damage". Don't you love the skirt and chair cover and balloon? Those are from 1st Wishes.

She is very blessed to have family and friends who care about her so much.

She got her car from her Mammaw and Pappaw (Justin's mom and dad).

She got lots of clothes and pjs. I spent today putting it all away and culling out the clothes that are too small. It's been warm here so I'm toatally in the mood for spring ans summer clothes! I can't wait!

Hope you enjoyed the pics...it was worth all the hard work and stress!

God Bless!


Mrs. R said...

Happy Birthday Molly! Looks like a super cute party!

Melissa said...

ahh! You did such a great job on her party! So adorable.

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