11 months old!!

Holy cow...one more month and my little baby girl will be turning ONE!!! OMG!! I can't believe that! This past year has gone by so fast! (I know that that's so cliche...my bad)

So...What's Molly been up to? Well, she's developed into quite the little person with quite the little personality.

She's sleeping 8-10 hours per night...there have been wakeful periods recently that she's woken up at 3-4 in the morning. She's still eating 3-4 bottles per day of formula. 6 oz usually, 8 at night. She's still not eating any kind of real food...puffs, crackers, cherrios, nothing. She digs any fruits and veggies though...as long as it's pureed...:) It's frustrating but we're working on it.

She's a part-time stander. She isn't too interested in it though. Neither is she interested in walking...but she's cruising aorund on everything and I think in the next month, we might just be in trouble. She's taking 2 naps per day...although that's a rough thing right now. She wants to sleep in our arms or not at all. I'm not sure where that came from. :) I don't mind it though...there's nothing I like better than holding her for hours on end.

She's wearing size 3 diapers...but as soon as we run out of the current 3's...we will be going to size 4. She's wearing mainly 12 month clothing...with a few 18 months thrown in. After 12 months...her wordrobe is kinda lacking... hopefully she gets som stuff for her birthday! Hint, Hint

She still loves bathtime...I hope that never changes. She can thrown a temper tantrum with the best of 'em. OMG! They are too funny! She'll scream and scream and scream some more...then stop to turn and look if you are watching...OMG...I'm in trouble. I'm hard at work planning her birthday party. It's going to be on Feb. 19th at my parent's house. I'll be showing you all the prep as it comes in.

God Bless!


I need your help!!

I'm trying to get Molly's invitations ordered from THIS store on Etsy. I'm super excited about how cute it is. It is going to match her decorations too!! I need to pick a picture to go on it though...plese help me decide...

Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3



Updated 30 under 30

A while ago, I started my 30 under 30 list.

I'm going to finish the list to day and let you know how I'm doing so far.

This is what I have so far: (updates and changes are in RED)

1. Read the bible all the way through. - Started a blog about my progress here
2. Start (and keep up with) Molly's scrapbook.
3. Teach Molly to swim
4. Make a t-shirt quilt (made from my old tees- I have 1000s)
5. Have 2 more kids :)
6. Get my masters in school counseling - No idea what I'm going to get my masters in... a lot of things have changed...I'm actually looking into something different...more on that when i feel comfortable talking about it on the blog.
7. Get tenured at school - see above
8. BUY/BUILD a house -
9. Teach Molly to shoot a basketball
10. Take a picture of the same place every month for a year and make a calendar out of it.
11. Go to Normandy, France

Here's the additions
12. Make a meal COMPLETLY from scratch
13. Watch all 100 movies on AFI's greatest movie list...see the list here
14. Meet at least one "mommy" blogger.
15. Have a least one more child
16. Spend the 4th of July in some hisotrical place...Philadelpia, Boston, Washington D.C., etc.
17. Throw away all of my underwear and start over.
18. Change my hair color
19. Start a new tradition
20. Use our chine at least once during a romantic, candlelit meal
21. Read 3 presidential biographies
22. Drive across country
23. Accompany a veteran on an Honor Flight to Washington D.C.
24. Plant a tree
25. Plant a garden
26. Walk/Run a 5K
27. Stop drinking soda pop
28. Work at a soup kitchen over Christmas
29. Create a 5 year Scrapbook for Justin and I's first 5 years of marriage.
30. Learn to make and make homemade sushi

So, there's my completed list...time to get to work...

God Bless!


Day 16: A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Songs really aren't an issue for me and my crying. I'm drawn to books and movies but not songs. I love music...don't get me wrong but they don't stir any strong emotional power in me.
There are songs that I have a connection to though...

1. Rascal Flatts - "Moving On"

2. U2 - "All I Want is you"

3. Clay Crosse - "My Place is with you"

4. Colin Raye - "Little Rock"

5. The Eagle - "DSeven Bridge Road"

6. Simon and Garfunkle - "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Just to name a few....
God Bless!


Molly's first snow day

She wasn't wuite sure what to think of the white stuff...but since she generally (okay, always) enjoys being outside, She LOVED it! Being that is what 11 degrees today...mommy didn't love it. We were back inside, warm, in 2 minutes!!!
God Bless!


RIP Richard "Dick" Winters

I know that I've posted a lot today (I promise I actually work) but there's a lot of stuff that just keep s coming up.

My dad called me a little bit ago and told me some sad news...

One of my true heros dies today. His name is Richard Winters.

If you know me, you know that I like (maybe love) World War II. Mr. Winters served our country during WWII. He was a paratrooper in the 101st Airbourne Division. Those are the guys who jumped on Normandy on D-day and on Holland in Operation market Garden...he fought at Batogne and was there with E Company when they raided Berchtesgaden and Hitler's Eagle's Nest. He was immortalized in the HBO series "Band of Brother's". He is a true American Hero!

Rest in Peace Mr. Winter's.

30 Day blog challenge: UPDATE

I'm going to attempt to get back on the challenge again.

Day 15: Role Model
I've got role models in all aspects of my life.
My mom is of course one.

Coach Steve Hunter is a professional role model. He's a great basketball coach and I enjoy working with and for him.

Angie Stewart is another professional role model. She is one of the greatest teachers I know. The way she strives to help her students learn is something I can only strive to do. I've actually already blogged about her here in another challenege post.

God Bless!

New Bible Study

One of my 30 under 30 goals (which I have yet to even finish the list) is to read the Bible.

It's an attainable goal but I want to read and actually learn something. SO...my dad and I are going to do THIS online bible study course. I'm VERY EXCITED. We've started a blog that you are more than welcome to follow.

Here's the Blog....


This week's lesson is Genesis ( although I think it might take ac ouple of weeks instead)

God Bless!

Another baby?

I know that's an interesting post title. No, I'm not pregnant. But it's been on my mind a lot lately and I thought I'd get some things off my chest and out into the internet world. (some sort of sarcasm there)

The back story:

Originally, I always wanted 4 kids. I loved those movies with big families sitting around the dinner table after thier kids have grown. (think the FAMILY STONE)

Justin, however, envisioned a smaller family with 2 kids. He's a little bit older than I am so logistically, 2 might be the better option.

We're half way there if that's the case. So, if 2 is the end all, we've got some time. But in the back of my mind, I still want 4...but I'm willing to compromise at 3. :)

Molly is a handfull and I love her for it. On one hand, I'm ready for another baby...ready for another pregnancy. On the other hand, having another little one scares the poopy out of me.

What if I get to overwhelmed? (which I've been known to do from time to time) What if I can't handle two?

At this point, if we got pregnant in the next few months, we would be looking at another winter/spring baby in 2012. If we waited till summer, we would be looking at late spring/early summer. The later allowing Miss Molly to be our only baby for a little while longer.

So many options...

God Bless!


My sadness

I'm not really good at expressing my feelings in writing.

I try to keep politics off my blog b/c this is of course, not for me, it's really for Molly. But the recent events in Arizona have made me...for a lack of better words...sad.

Since November's mid-term election...that's not really true, it's really been since the 2008 Presidential election... I've been sad for our country and the government in the country.

I'm sure it didn't start in 2008 but it was then that I started noticing how the politicans in our country talk to each other. How they were talking ABOUT each other.

Many people who know me, know that I really don't like Sarah Palin. It's not that she's a conservative...it's NOT her political views or her party!!!! It's the way she made a name for herself. She's not a politican anymore...she's a flapping mouth. She stirs the pot! She talks about people, our leaders (despite what you think of Mr. Obama, he's the leader of our country for the next couple of years) like he's a leach that needs to be pulled off and drained of the blood of America. But it's not just President Obama. She talked about Congresswoman Giffords during the election as if she was on a hit list.

But here's the thing...it's not just at the national level that I'm seeing this. Today, in the Springfield News-Leader (the only local paper we have to read), there was an editorial about the NEW presiding commissioner. But the base of the editorial was how the new one was different from the old one. The outgoing Presiding Commissioner has served our county for 22 years. He's a no-bull, tough guy, bully (that's NOT a direct quote)...or so they said in editorial. But Dave, that's the outgoing commissioner's name, goes to church with me and is NOT the man that they painted in the paper. Nor is it the same man that was beat in November's election. The county I live in did him a huge dis-service by not re-electing him. He's not the liberal agenda pushing, fiscally irresponsible political they slandered him as. He's a decent, thoughtful, good Christian man who proudly and graciously served the people of Greene county.

Shame on you Springfield News - Leader!
Shame on you for printing an editorial like this on the DAY AFTER a congresswoman is shot.
Shame on you for letting one of your editors speak about a FORMER politican the way he did after he's let office.

My anger during the elction was directed towards those indivduals who used their political party to win the election they were running for. Today, my anger is directed towards those people who speak about people as if they were dirt.

I would like to challenge everyone to speak to each other and about our politicans and each other with a little respect.

God Bless!


Birthday Party Inspiration Board

I've been thinking about Molly's first birthday for a couple of months. I've been doing a little planning here and there. We've decided to do a cupcake themed party. I went through a couple of other themes...pink sock monkies, strawberries, birds...but finally it came down to the colors I wanted: red, hot pink and purple. (Since here birthday is so close to Valentine's Day)

I don't want to give too much away but I like to try and visualize things. Here's my inspiration board for her party.

We are just inviting family and a few close friends...but that's still 50ish people!!!! NUTS!!!! More to come later...just wanted to leave you with a little bitty bit!

Cabinet fun

I think it might be time to baby proof. What do you think?

She's found her favorite cabinet....this is what I walked into the kitchen to find...on two seperate mornings...(she was in there with Justin)

Just too cute!!!

Molly's First Haircut

Over Christmas in Arkansas, we took the chance to get Molly's hair cut for the first time. It was in desperate need of some TLC. I thought it would be neat if we had it trimed by the woman who cut mine and my little brother's the first time. Her name is Martha. (Her son and my dad were best friends in high school - but I digress)

Miss Molly went from this...

Through this....
To this...

She looks like a little girl now....she's no longer my little baby but instead is growing into a toddler. This first year has gone by sooooooooooooo fast and tooooooooo fast. I'm already planning her first birthday party. It's nuts.

God Bless!


2011 Sugar Bowl

Congrats to the Arkansas Razorbacks for playing in their first BCS bowl game.

Booooo to THE Ohio State for promoting the classlessness of their program!!

It's going to come back to bite you! Okay....rant over...that was the nicest I could be!
God Bless!
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