Birthday Party Inspiration Board

I've been thinking about Molly's first birthday for a couple of months. I've been doing a little planning here and there. We've decided to do a cupcake themed party. I went through a couple of other themes...pink sock monkies, strawberries, birds...but finally it came down to the colors I wanted: red, hot pink and purple. (Since here birthday is so close to Valentine's Day)

I don't want to give too much away but I like to try and visualize things. Here's my inspiration board for her party.

We are just inviting family and a few close friends...but that's still 50ish people!!!! NUTS!!!! More to come later...just wanted to leave you with a little bitty bit!


Leah said...

I'm sorry. You have an inspiration board for a party? Geez. That's...serious. I don't think I'm up to this mom business.

h3b said...

so exciting! i just started mocking up finn's first birthday party and invites and i cannot believe how close things are!

cute theme :)

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