Memorial Day weekend

I've spent the last couple of nights at my parents cabin down on the White River in Calico Rock, Ar. It's so peaceful down here.

Justin went with our friends to the lake. Molly and I came down here with my parents to a family reunion.

We are going home today and hopefully Justin and I are going to go buy a tv for the bedroom. Yay!!

Super excited about the home tour that starts tomorrow! Probably need to go home and clean.... Lol!

Hope you and yours are having a good weekend!


15.5 Weeks

So through all my blog/computer work/not house work today...I've failed to discuss how this pregnancy has actually been going...

AWFUL, HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE....yea, that bad....fo' reals.

That's actually how I knew I was preggo.  Here's the story.

I woke up on March 9th and felt like shit...excuse my language but you need to understand how bad I felt.  I was sick to my tummy, headache, etc. Sitting in my bathroom floor getting ready for work...no I didn't feel THAT bad, that's just where I get ready.  Don't judge me bruh. 

Anyways, I got to thinking...."What is today's date? No way!"  I asked Justin and told him I was about a week late.  Yea...busy week.  He totally knew why I was asking...or maybe not.  Anywhoo, I got home from work and took 2 tests.   Yea, both postive.  Neat...In all honesty, I cried....for two days. 

Multiple reasons....ones that I don't want to rehash.  So, I was preggo.  Just about 6 months in advance....I'm actually coaching basketball next year, despite the fact that I'm due on our first game day...yea....good timing Sara.

No pics yet...maybe later....

Baby #2 Survey:

•How far along? 15.5 Weeks
•Total weight gain: 5 lbs. (as of a week ago tomorrow)
•Maternity clothes? No, and I'm going to try and get through all of the summer in dresses and bigger clothes...no maternity crap.  The fall might be a litter different.
•Stretch marks? No...taking precautions this time though.
•Sleep: Not too bad. Only waking up once to pee.

•Best moment this week: Getting out of school and getting to spend the first two days of summer with the best behaved little girl EVER!
•Miss Anything? Don't judge me...beer. Yea, I miss beer.  And am actually craving it. 
•Movement: Flutters but not much
•Food cravings: French fries and ice cream...much like Molly girl
•Food aversions: Not anymore...it was anything sweet in the first few weeks.
•Gender: find out June 12th.

•Labor Signs: of course not.
•Symptoms: Horrible headache...but am so glad I'm over the sickness. 
•Belly Button in or out? In.

•Wedding rings on or off? On.

•Looking forward to: the first teacher/kids playdate tomorrow mornin' at Sequiota park.  
More to come later.  Kisses!


Baby #2....inspiration

With Molly, I started planning the nursery, names etc right about this time.  We find out June 12th what this baby's gender is....I can't wait. 

Obviously, I want a healthy baby but after that I would like to have a boy....mainly b/c I want to use my boy's name....it's pretty much non-negotiable. 

A refresher: Molly is named after my mom's dad's mom...Mollie Lucy was her name.  Molly's middle name is Abigail.  Justin's mom's middle name is Gale...so both names are a play on both mom's families.  Molly Abigail came to us in the weeks after we found out Molly was going to be a girl....but I digress. 

Looking back at the post I linked above, the boys' name was not on that list....but neither was Molly or Abigail.  Figures. 

My boys' name is Marshall Austin.  Again, non-negotiable.  Justin didn't really even have a say....ooops, my bad....it would make more sense if we named him Steven.  Both our dad's names are Steve.  And don't get my wrong, I like Steve...but that would mean I couldn't use Marshall Austin...and I REALLY like it.  Let me explain......

Marshall is my dad's dad's dad's middle name...my great-granddad's name on my dad's side. His name was Ray.  From the time I can remember, my dad has talked about his granddad Ray.  I'm a Perryman (my maiden name).  My family is very important to me.  What a better way to celebrate my family than by naming my son after the Patriarch of the family?  Right? 

Austin is Justin's dad's dad's name...Justin's granddad's name on his dad's side...  again, patriarch of the Floyd (my married name) family.  I really did put a lot of thought into the name.  AND I LOVE IT.  

But I know, that it's very possible that this baby might be a girl.  And I'm perfectly happy with that as well.  Girls are amazing.  Molly has been amazing.  The teenage years might be rough but hey...nothing that a beer won't cure.  (of course, I kid...maybe)

Anywhoo....I do have name picked out for a girl too.....I love it equally as much.  The only thing is, only part is a family name....I think (but I'm determined to find out otherwise)

My girls' name is Maggie Erin.  Yes, I love it too. 

Erin is my grandmother's (on my dad's side...my dad's mom) mother's middle name.  Her whole name was Anna Erin (which I LOVE but that would be weird, right?)

Maggie just kinda came to me...actually it came from my mom.  So, we would have Maggs and Molls.  I kinda love it.

Anyway...I've started thinking about the nursery too.  You will see the room (which is a guest room/catch-all now) next week. (Home tour)

I love the orange/aqua/brown or grey color scheme.  I'm also TOTALLY in love with the elephant hamper....so I'm thinking maybe an animal thing....this would be good for a boy.  I'm not sure about a girl...I'll work on it tomorrow.  (maybe, I'm babysitting my neice tomorrow)
I'm actually thinking orange/hotpink/and white.  I'm not sure though. 

Of course, I'm also thinking about Molly's "big girl" bedroom.  We will be redoing her room too.  I think I have bedding picked out already.  We'll see.....

God Bless!

Our new home

In August, Justin, Molly and I moved from north Springfield to a house in my hometown, Ozark.  I teach at the high school here and Molly's school in in the downtown area. (maybe one of these days, I'll take you on a tour).

If you remember, (it's been so long), we put our house in Springfield on the market in late May (actually around this time).  It was on the market about 2 months and was bought by an older couple from Arizona in July.  We were Wisconsin on vacation with my family, at the airplane show in Oshkosh, when we got word that an offer had been made.  It was a few hundred less than what we had agreed our bottom line was, but since we had already bought our new house (and didn't want the stress of owning two) we took the deal.  We faxed the papers from a campground (funny huh) and in the middle of August said goodbye to the house we came home to the night we got married, and the house we brought Molly home to. I loved that house but not the location. 

I hate moving.  When I was younger, we moved a lot.  I wasn't an army brat but my dad's job was up in the air and eventually, we moved to Ozark...but I digress...anyways....I hate moving.  See the reasons below.

Exhibit A: this came out of the attic

We were able to find some hidden treasures though....Exhibit B
 Exhibit C: this bad boy has ridden around in my car for the past 10 months...kinda a good luck charm.  I keep meaning to take it to my classroom...but for some reason, I think it might be inappropriate.  LOL

Exhibit D: Hilarious...this will make a great gag gift when I figure out the right person to give it to.

 My grandparents helped pack the kitchen.....they are excellent packers. Thanks!

The New House: I found the new house on the interenet on a Monday night in July. I loved the pictures online and Justin called our realtor to go look at it. We went and looked at the house on Wednesday. At that point, it had been on the market for 4 days!

I loved it instantly. I felt like I had come home. It's 2600 sq. feet with 4 bedrooms, + a smaller room (the office), 3 1/2 baths, 2 living spaces, remodled kitchen and master bath, screened in porch, 3 car garage (2 cars + a workshops area), and 3.7 acres. It has ALMOST everything we were looking for, with the exception of a couple of things....1. split bedrooms 2. it is on propane and has a septic tank (EWWWW, btw)

We went and looked at it again on Thursday and put on offer in thinking of course, they would counter.....they didn't!!! The family was moving to Colorado and needed out of it. We closed on August 16, 2012 and for a couple of weeks, were the owners of two houses.

We moved in on August 20, 2012.

We did make some changes right off the bat...
1. We redid a couple of closets: the master and what will be the baby's room. Molly's closet was fine so we left it.
2. We painted our bedroom
3. We had to remove a tv mount from above the fireplace and repair the drywall (yea, they didn't want the 55 inch tv to fall) and painted.

I'm going to show you snipits because I plan on doing a home tour next week....I know, I'm back to blogging for reals yo.

Welcome home Floyd family.

I love our front door.  I've always wanted a red door.  Plus, the porch area makes it feel more homey. 

Formal living room: pre-bye, bye tv mount.

And after the fix.  Our carpenter is a great guy (the husband of my hair dresser who is also great).  He's also the one who out in our closets.  The mantel does not look like that now...but the updated look to come later.

Kitchen from the front door

Kitchen...I LOVE my kitchen....granite counters (which I'm not a huge fan of, but I'm not complaining), oak floors, stainless appliances. 

 Kitchen and eat-in dining: there is no formal dining (which we love). We never used it anyways. 

Laundry Room + the half bath: that bathroom needs to be redone.  But it's good right now as a mudroom.

Master bath shower...yea, I know, amazing.

 Our new master closet: I "designed" it. I knew what I wanted. 
 1. Dress space (far right) 2. basket space 3. double bars 4. Shoe racks

This is my side of the closet.

 My shoe racks. I love them!  I just need a wardrobe full of new shoes.  (My closet would look so much better if it was what I pinned on Pinterest)

Justin's side: He wanted 2 full double bars, a few shelves for t-shirts and sweaters and a space for his hamper. 

His side with all his stuff.  His hamper fits great.  I'm not exactly sure what he's got on the top of his side.  Nothing I suspect.  Time to change that I guess...

So, that's our house I guess.  Like I said, I'm going to do a tour next week.  I know these have been done in the past.  Here's MY plan....
Monday: Living Rooms
Tuesday: Master Bedrooms
Wednesday: Kids Bedrooms
Thursday: Bathrooms
Friday: What's left...

Oh it is fun to mention that the VERY first night we spent in our new house, we got toilet papered but a few of my students....scared Justin to death...I totally knew it was going to happen so it wasn't a big deal.  They got us pretty good though (although, they came a cleaned it up the next day)

It's also important to mention that one year ago today, Joplin, MO was hit with the EF-5 tornado that changed lives and mindsets in SW Missouri.  Although we've had other tornados and other weather since then, people will never forget May 22nd in this part of the coutry.  President Obama spoke last night at Joplin's graduation.  Say what you will about our President, we gave an amazing speech and I'm proud of him.  Joplin has a lot of growing to do.  There school system has made some changed this year (that they were forced to make of course) that others in the area (Ozark for one) are also making. Thoughts and prayers go out to Joplin and the family that lost loved ones one year ago today. 

God Bless!



First day of summer vaca!!!

So I just downloaded the Blogger app on my phone.... Wanted to try it out.

Molly and I had our first day of summer vacation today. It was good. Not too bad. Did a load of laundry, caught up on my DVR shows, had lunch with daddy and got to see Nana, Mimi, Jackson and Jacob. My aunt Julie is opening a new store so we got to see it too.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Fun times!


An Update.....

So much has gone in the last year.  I gave up the blog last summer, because of our VERY busy schedule....well, it's about the get a whole hell of lot busier. 

WE ARE HAVING BABY #2....due November 12, 2012!!!

Yup, folks, you read that right.  Molly is going to be a big sister!

I'm about 14 1/2 weeks along now.  We've known since about March 9th.  To be totally honest, I'm still a little bit in shock.  I can't explain my feelings.  I'm dealing but it's been a little harder this time around.  I was sick the entire first trimester.  Add onto that all the stress that will come with having 2 (1 being a VERY active and independent toddler), schools stress, and basketball stress, and I'm a little....well, stressed!  PLUS, the day I found out (peed on the stick...actually 2 sticks), I had weighed myself and discovered that I weighed a least amount I had ever weighed (since like 8th grade)...I was pretty pumped....but alas, I will get back there.  (Yea, like in 3 years) Don't judge...I'm doing that enough for myself.

I totally think it's going to be a boy.  But we will find out in June.  I haven't taken any "bump" pics but will totally start on week 15. I'm bigger this time (obviously)

In other news: Justin and I moved in August.  I will try to do a post later about our new house.  Still changing some things but I'm so glad to call it home. 

We have a BIG, gigantic summer coming up!

1. Disney World in June!!!  Plus (maybe) Daytona and Nasa! 

2. Baskletball camps in June and July

3. 10 year high school reunion in July...yea, I'll be 5 months along...just enough to look fat!

4. I'm taking an online Blackboard class this summer....on how to teach an online blackboard class...neat huh?

5. I have to write curriculum for my new IB psychology class.  YAY!

6. North Carolina technology conference with the school at the end of July. 14 hour road trip with 14 non-preggo people...yea, I hope they know that this girl might have to stop and pee a couple of times.

7. Justin and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary this year.  WHOO WHOO!!!!  I think we might go to...no idea...dinner and a movie? 

Our school is going through big changes this summer as well.  Most of them pretty postitive changes.  I'm a little nervous about a few but I trust that they will all work out in the end.

1. We are going 1:1.  I'm not sure if any of you know what that is, or care what that is...but if you do, let me explain. By Jan. 2012, all staff and kids at the high school will have a laptop computer to call there own.  The teachers will be getting them in August.  The point to this is, of course, to increase technology in the classroom.  For this reason alone, I'm excited. There have been coutless times this year that I wished all my kids had access to the interenet during class. (for projects, or notes, or assignments)  I think there are some things that are going to have to work themselves out but....like I said, I'm sure they will. 

2. There are some personal changed happening that I'm not entirely excited about.  Some people are leaving that I hate to see go and some people that were hired that I hope fit into our close-knit community but, again....hopefully it all works out. 

I'm trying to keep a postive attitude.

More to come later of course....but at this point, I'm back. (I think)  Hopefully, you have chosen to continue to follow me. 

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