15.5 Weeks

So through all my blog/computer work/not house work today...I've failed to discuss how this pregnancy has actually been going...

AWFUL, HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE....yea, that bad....fo' reals.

That's actually how I knew I was preggo.  Here's the story.

I woke up on March 9th and felt like shit...excuse my language but you need to understand how bad I felt.  I was sick to my tummy, headache, etc. Sitting in my bathroom floor getting ready for work...no I didn't feel THAT bad, that's just where I get ready.  Don't judge me bruh. 

Anyways, I got to thinking...."What is today's date? No way!"  I asked Justin and told him I was about a week late.  Yea...busy week.  He totally knew why I was asking...or maybe not.  Anywhoo, I got home from work and took 2 tests.   Yea, both postive.  Neat...In all honesty, I cried....for two days. 

Multiple reasons....ones that I don't want to rehash.  So, I was preggo.  Just about 6 months in advance....I'm actually coaching basketball next year, despite the fact that I'm due on our first game day...yea....good timing Sara.

No pics yet...maybe later....

Baby #2 Survey:

•How far along? 15.5 Weeks
•Total weight gain: 5 lbs. (as of a week ago tomorrow)
•Maternity clothes? No, and I'm going to try and get through all of the summer in dresses and bigger clothes...no maternity crap.  The fall might be a litter different.
•Stretch marks? No...taking precautions this time though.
•Sleep: Not too bad. Only waking up once to pee.

•Best moment this week: Getting out of school and getting to spend the first two days of summer with the best behaved little girl EVER!
•Miss Anything? Don't judge me...beer. Yea, I miss beer.  And am actually craving it. 
•Movement: Flutters but not much
•Food cravings: French fries and ice cream...much like Molly girl
•Food aversions: Not anymore...it was anything sweet in the first few weeks.
•Gender: find out June 12th.

•Labor Signs: of course not.
•Symptoms: Horrible headache...but am so glad I'm over the sickness. 
•Belly Button in or out? In.

•Wedding rings on or off? On.

•Looking forward to: the first teacher/kids playdate tomorrow mornin' at Sequiota park.  
More to come later.  Kisses!


Jessica said...

I felt like crap too and that's how I found out I was pregnant.

I missed beer too!!

Melissa said...

congrats on #2! it's a crazy ride but once #2 gets here it will be like he/she was always there. i had a lot of anxiety about having the second, i cried for days too. it will all work out and i hope the yucky feeling days go by quickly! again, congrats!

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