Fun in the bath

Ever since Molly was born, she has always L-O-V-E-D bath time!

Since she has started to sit up, she's been able to play in the bath a little more. We are still bathing her in the sink tub so she's got a little bit of control (and mommy and/or daddy don't have to bend over yet)

She has been a fairly sweet and happy baby lately...even if she has had a stuffy nose. But around 6-7 pm, she gets a little fussy...so we put her in the bath and it helps calm her down before bed. We have a great routine going right now...I'm anxious to see how well it goes when basketball season starts and she is going to games, ect.

These are from the past couple of weeks...just thought you would like to see how happy she is!!

My little doll baby!

God Bless!


My life and Photoshop

For my anniversary in July, Justin got me Photoshop Elements 8...and to be honest it's been a bit difficult to figure out...but I've been playing around with it the past couple of nights after Molly has gone to bed and I finally have a "product" to show the masses. Below is my favorite picture to date of my baby...

I know that Justin's face is shaded but I love the looks on their faces. They both look so happy and that makes me happy. So...ENJOY!!


6 months!!

So, I'm a little late with this but school started last week so I totally have an excuse...

Molly turned 6 months old two weeks ago, Monday...Aug 16th!

Stats -

Weight: 17 lb. 11.5 oz. (82%)

Height: 27 inches (90%)

We are so proud of her!
- She's sitting up on her own
- She's really trying to crawl but just hasn't figured it out quite yet
- She's still wearing size 2 diapers
- We're working on the solids but it's a slow process - so far she's had squash, pears, apples and bannas - she could take or leave all of them
- She's drinking about 34 oz of formula a day - 6 oz at a time
- She started daycare two weeks ago and so far, she's doing great!!

Here's a few pictures...she cut another tooth that night and was just not cooperating with the camera.

On another note...I continue to work with Photoshop but it's very slow going!
I've started reading the Harry Potter series. How's that for waiting until the last minute...I plan on being to the last book as the last movie (next July) is coming out!
God Bless!


An Quick Update

For my very few readers....sorry that I suck...it's been a very...I mean VERY busy last couple of weeks....

1. Freshman Orientation was last week...I was the "keynote speaker" of sorts...it was a lot of fun though...we've got 385ish freshman entering OHS this year...oh, and did I mention that we are working with NO AC!!! it was 101 in Springfield today...106 heat index...and our high school that was built in 2004...whose air conditioner has never worked right is off again...and I heard today that they won't be fixing ituntil it gets "cooler"...spoiled brat, I know...but in the words of Grey's Antamony....SERIOUSLY?????

2. Molly will be 6 months old on Monday - my first day back at work...in the no AC high school... ( I wasn't sure you got that info... :P) We will be getting pictures done by Picture People tomorrow morning...I of course will take pics on Monday night....and then my aunt is taking our family pics on Thursday after work...I hope it's not too hot b/c I want us to wear jeans and white shirts (or blue)...and jeans on Molly in 101 degree weather isn't going to be good....

3. Molly also starts school on Monday...we have to provide everything... I mean everything!! So, My mom and I went and got her a "backpack"...it's too cute! I will poxt pics on Monday...b/c of course we will need to take her "first day of school" pictures....at 6:30am!!! AHHHHHH!!! I'm so not ready for that!

4. Update on Molly-
-She's doing better with eating solids...she still so deos not like rice cereal...but we are getting there...she had some squash today and she did really well with it! So that's progress...
-We are not swaddling her anymore and it's been kind of a rough week here at our house...but again...we're getting there...she a tummy sleeper and has been a face sleeper....which I'm not going to lie...FREAKS me out!!!

Quick update...more to come later...God Bless!
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