Storms, Fear, and Pride

May 22nd, an F-5 tornado that had 200 mile per hour winds, hit the town of Joplin, Mo.
Joplin High School

Joplin is about 60 miles from Springfield. Joplin is strongly connected to Springfield.

This hits home for me and for countless others in the Springfield area. My heart breaks when I see pictures from Joplin. This is a town that I visited often.

I did my after Thanksgiving and after Christmas shopping there. I played basketball at the high school. I have former students who go or went to school at Southern.

It's heart breaking!!

Last night, another chance for severe weather hit SW Missouri. Joplin was put under another tornado warning about 9 pm. As I sit on my couch wathcing the weather man talk about it, my heart was racing.

How could it happen again? How could it strike in the same place twice in 3 days?

And then my brain thought, "What if it happens here? What will we do?" I have never been one to be afraid of storms. But after I went to bed last night, I layed there listening to the rain and thunder and was almost paralyzed by fear.

Fear that I've never known before.

What if our house gets hit? What if the school gets demolished? What would I do? How would I react?

About 12:30, I was woken up by the high pitched beep of our carbon monozide detectors losing power. Our electricty had gone off. It was pitched black in our house but I got up and checked on my sweet, still sleeping, daughter.

And then it hit me...Molly was the reason I was hindered by FEAR. I am now responisble for another person' s life in a storm. She is my world and I HAVE to protect her!

123 people (so far) lost their lives in the storm that hit Joplin 3 days ago. Countless others have yet to be accounted for. They are saying it's the 8th deadlist single tornado in history.

I've never been one to be scared of storms, but I acn't help but be scared of them now.

I have been wondering what to do to help. I have an overwhelming sense of guilt that I'm not doing more to help. I've thought about skipping out on our yearly Memorial Day trip to the lake(which is awesomly flooded) and going to Joplin to help clean up.

But, to be honest, I'm not sure what I can do in that regard. I'm truly afraid that I will get over there and be overcome by grief. This is a new feeling for me. I'm not sure how to handle this.

My kids and the rest of our department has spent the last 2 weeks collecting items for the Shoebox 4 Soldiers campaign in Springfield. We've filled 24 boxes with items that range from toothpaste, deodorant, and Q-tips to Twizzlers, Slim Jims (RIP Randy Savage) and Soduku books. But after filling the 24 boxes, we had A LOT of stuff left over. Tons more toothbrushes, enough Ramon Noodles and canned food items to feed the entire army for a month...so we donated 4 big boxes tot he relief efforts for Joplin.

So the students were actually able to help the soldiers and the victims of the tornado. I am so proud of our student body!

If you want to help, there's a few things you can do....

1. Text CONVOY to 50555 (donates $10 to Convoy of Hope - a local organization)

2. Text REDCROSS to 90999 9donates $10 to the American Red Cross)

If you want more info, go to KY3.com. They have all the volunteer information, donation information and news you need!

God Bless!


Top Five

Over at Heart on Homestead...Jessica posted her "eye candy" as she called them...you know, the five people you might leave the spouse for...(sorry babe)...or maybe "hang out" with for a while if you knew you wouldn't get in trouble...or get ice cream with...or do anything they asked you to....

You know, the idea from the "Freeblie List" from "Friends"... I'm pretty much like Rachel, I know exactly who is on my list.

Anywhoo... I'm constantly talking about my top five but have yet to blog about them...so I thought, since I've been absent as of late...I would come back with some "eye candy" of my own...

In all reality...this list might be a few more than five....my bad!

Without furthur ado...here's my top 5...some of which might surprise, confuse, or disgust you...don't judge me!

1. Always at the very top...Johnny Depp

Specifically the Johnny Depp in the "Pirates" movies! YUM!

But this Johnny is not bad either.... It's the dirty, bad boy, things about Depp that I've been in love since I saw a rerun of "21 Jump Street". His movies are almost always weird but they are entertaining and he is sexy...you can't deny that!

#2: Bradley Cooper

The Bradley that's in "Hangover"... he's cocky, arrogant, but aslo caring and just plain sexy! PLUS, he's teacher in the movie! So cute!

But the Bradley from "Wedding Crashers"...the more clean cut, (still arrogant), rich boy...is sexy too! OMG! Look at those eyes!!!

#3: Gary Sinise

This one might confuse you...but I'm puttting it out there with NO regrets! He is hot!

Good gosh...Mac Taylor is YUMMY!!

PLus...he's in a rock band...it's a charitable band...called what? What else...the Lt. Dan Band! I will be seeing them this summer at the Oshkosh fly-in. My goal is to get his autograph!

He's nice, he puts off an air of power...and he's Lt. Dan...come on! :)

#4: Channing Tatum

I understand that he's on everyone's list right now...but there's a reason...let me show you why!

He can be nice... nice hair, nice suit, nice boy....

Or not so nice....OMG!!!
::puts tounge back in mouth::

Is that not the greatest picture...EVER? I know....i agree...HOTTTTTTTTT! What's not to love? The fact that he shirtless? Or the basketball he's holding?

Oh and did you know that he use to be a male stripper? And they are making a movie about it? Really...pretty sure though that Justin will not let me see it... :(

Some of you may be asking yourself, "WHO?" I actually first found him on "Lost" but since I never watched that show except a couple of times....I was SO EXCITED to turn on the CW and find him on "The Vampire Diaries"...he's a really great reason to turn on your TV to teen drama!!

Look at THOSE eyes...they melt you don't they? It's like they go right through your soul!SO HOTT!!! So vampirey! So smoldering...You get the point...holy cow!

Also on my list.... Zac Efron, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, Cory Monteith (Finn from "Glee"), Alex O'Loughlin, Adam Levine, Josh Harnett, Justin Timberlake ... oh and list could go on and on...

Alas, I need to go back to reality!

God Bless!


Easter 2011

Easter 2011 was quite a weekend. Justin ended up working 50 hours in the 3 days prior to Easter Sunday but Molly and I got to spend the entire day with him so we were so excited. It started out with a little breakfast and a visit from the Easter bunny. (The bunny actually came the night before.)

She was pleased with everything the bunny brought her so mommy and daddy were happy!

We got ready and went to Easter service at church. Reverend Kim had a great message.

Justin and I did a little better this year. We actaully had someone take a picture of our little family.
After the church service, we had an Easter egg hunt in the santuary. Molly did well for her first ever egg hunt.

I tried to get a picture of Miss Molly in her Easter attire but she was NOT having it. So I hope you can get the idea from the pics below.

Dress: Baby Gap

Sweater, tights, and shoes: Target

Bow: Hobby Lobby

We hope you had a great Easter and God Bless!!

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