25 weeks!! Update on the pregnancy!

I thought I'd give you a little update...just to let you know what's going on with the actual pregnany! Here you go!!

How Big is the Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnant?
By pregnancy week 25 your baby is approximately 1.5 pounds and just under 13.7 inches long. From this point on however your baby's weight and length may vary somewhat. Every baby is different as you'll soon realize during your pregnancy week by week. Some babies will be born weighing 7 pounds and others 10.

Your Baby's Growth and Development
Your baby is continuing to mature during pregnancy week 25 and for the next several weeks. The structures that form the spine start to form around pregnancy at 25 weeks, and blood vessels in the lungs continue to develop this week. Other things that are shaping up during pregnancy at 25 weeks include our baby's nostrils, which may open up by the end of this week.
Your baby is starting to put on just a little meat, and will continue filling out as your pregnancy progresses.

Your Growth and Development
Your uterus is now about the size of a volleyball at 25 weeks pregnant!! (WHAT?) As your uterus continues to grow you'll notice it places some pressure on your back and pelvis. This can sometimes cause you to experience shooting pains either down your leg or in your lower back. For some women these pains get more and more severe during pregnancy. (No kidding!!?)

How far along?: 25 Weeks

Total weight gain?: At last weigh in, I was at 159. That puts me gaining 14 pounds so far. The nurse thought that was okay so I'm not worried. I'm trying to get more protein in my diet.

Maternity clothes?: Yes...I started buying medium size t-shirts...and a few I bought a couple of weeks ago are about to be too small!! AHHHHH! Basketball season will be real fun if I don't have any t-shirts to wear.

Stretch marks?: No... except the ones on my hips

Sleep?: I've figured out the proper way to snuggle with my body pillow. I was hoping I would get a "snoogle" for my birthday...but no such luck. My grandparents gave me some money though so that might be what I buy!

Best moment this week?: I know this sounds strange, but finally being able to get the flu shots! I've kinda been nervous around all my sick kids at school b/c I hadn't had one yet.

Movement?: Everyday. She's very active in the morning and at night. They are starting to sting a little bit. She's getting stronger!!

Food cravings?: Milk... I can't get enough of the stuff!!

Labor signs?: No!!!!!

Belly button in or out?: The left side is peeking it's little head out a little bit!

What I miss?: I finally had some sushi... (veggie roll - calm down!)... But I miss being able to get out on the court with my girls and play with them!! Now all I want to do is sit down! (which I usually do)

What I'm looking forward to?: My shower in a couple of weeks. Danielle and kelly are going to throw a great one!! I can't wait!
Hope all have a great weekend!!! God Bless!


25 weeks...tomorrow! AND...a nursery update!

Tomorrow, Friday, October 30th, I will be at 25 weeks!! Only 15 weeks left!! Some days, this is flying by. Other days, it feels like I'm just dragging along. I haven't updated the blog in a while. Here I am last weekend at 24 weeks.
Justin and I have been working very hard this week on the nursery. Our furniture was delivered last Friday. It's so pretty!! The chest of drawer's top drawer was broken so we have to wait to have it exchanged in a few weeks. Forget it...I'm over it! I've still got some things to put up on the walls. And we've moved in the newly painted, red toy chest. those pictures to come later. My mom and Justin worked so hard on the darn tree on the wall!! It took 4 1/2 hours!!! I think it's looking good so far!!

Yesterday was my birthday!!! I turned 26!! I can't believe that I'm 26 and about to have a baby! CRAZINESS!! To celebrate the day of my birthday, I went a got both flu shots!! That was exciting! My mom brought me Tea Room for lunch (including some cheese cake) and Justin took me to Jimmy Johns for dinner. We had plans to go to Bijan's downtown but my stomach has really been acting up this week. I didn't want to go to a fancy, shmancy place to eat and end up throwing it up. SO.....we are going tomorrow night! I think Danielle and Kelly are taking me out tonight so we'll see if I feel like eating anything. Right now (11:15), it ain't so good!
I've had basketball try-outs the last couple of days (to celebrate the day of my birth)!! I made cuts yesterday. I kept 13. We're going to be okay! We'll see! We've got practice tomorrow morning at 5:45 AM!!! That will be a treat!
More pictures to come!! God bless!


24 weeks tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is my V-day!! Viability day to be more exact. Here's the belly pictures from last Saturday (23 weeks). Sorry It's taken me so long to upload it! Tomorrow, we are off of school (thanks goodness!) and Justin and I are going to spend the day together. We are going to eat breakfast at panera (yummmmmmmm...asiago cheese bagel!) and then Baby News is delivering the crib and other furniture at 12:30!!! I'm sure we will do some other stuff (like put the crib together in the afternoon) too. I would like to go to Target to look for a storage unit (like the one below) for the closet and a small round table. The storage unit will be for books and other clothes items. I got the idea online at The Bump. I love that website!!

Short post today guys!! More to come tomorrow!! Hopefully, we will get the tree decal in today or tomorrow and we can get the nursery fixed right up!!

Peace and God Bless!!


23 Week post!

I've kinda been slacking on the blogging about the actual pregnancy...not the nursery. As of Friday, I was 23 weeks!

How far along? 23 weeks
Total weight gain: 14 pounds
Stretch Marks? Not yet...maybe I'll be lucky and won't get any! HA!
Maternity clothes? All of my pants...although I did buy some Nike sweat pants that are to die for comfortable. Large, of course
Sleep: Not really...last night I had a double leg cramp!! A double cramp! BOTH LEGS!! It hurt like hell!
Best moment this week: The DH painted the nursery and I got the decorations finished. AND...we finally picked out a name! Molly Abigail
Movement: Yeah... most of the time it's in the morning!
Labor Signs: No...thank goodness!
Belly Button in or out? It's kinda half way out...most of the time! The right side is poking it's little self out.
What I miss: Sushi. It's always sushi! I love it and I miss it so much!
What I am looking forward to: Getting the furniture (which came in) actually in the nursery! Friday!! AND...My baby shower in a month!! ...AND...hitting my V-day on this coming Friday! 24 weeks!
Weekly Wisdom: I've not really gotten any wisdom from anyone...besides the.."You won't use a changin table"...that's pretty much it!
Milestones: 2nd to the last 4 week appt was this past Friday!

Pictures to come later...when I actaully leave this place (work) and get home...

Later and God Bless!


I finished the wall art!!

I worked hard all day and finished the wall art. After two trips to Hobby Lobby and a trip to Michael's...all the big projects are finally finished! Check them out!!


Nursery Decor Ideas

So I've gotten the basic decor for our nursery figured out!!! We are going to center the theme around the birds on the mobile. We've decided to paint the walls a pale blue...almost whiteish blue. It's called tropical mist. I'm going to order some decals that can be hung on the walls and I'm going to make a few things.

Here are the decals that I'm looking to order. I can't seem to find the tree or a tree like it. I want it to go by and over the crib. (like in the picture)

I've actually already ordered the decal below. The branch is dark brown and the birds are deep red.

I colors that I'm focusing on are aqua blue, deep red, dark brown, and a light brown (tan).

I'm going to make a few things as well. I think they will add a touch of love. :)

Here's what I'm going to attempt to make: Closet dividers, letters for her name, and a few paintings.

The letters are going to have scrapbook paper glued on them and then I'm going to put embellishments on them. (like chip board decals, rhinestones, buttons, ect. )

I've hand drawn the birds that I'm going to cut out of the same scrapbook paper that I'm going to use on the letters. It will all be uniform. All I will have to paint on the pictures is the background (which is going to be the blue color) and the branches (dark brown) and blossoms. (yellow, red and light brown)) The birds will be red, yellow, and light brown.
Hobby Lobby and Lowe's are going to get a few visits in the next few weeks.
I think Justin may paint this Saturday. We are also going to paint a toy chest and a small table (from WallyWorld). The toy chest is going to be deep red and the table is going to be dark brown.
I hope it all comes together and doesn't look stupid. Please pray for us and our little one!


22 Weeks!!

So it's Friday and today I am 22 Weeks along in the pregnany!! I'm excited! I love Fridays. Here's what our little precious baby is up to:

How big is the baby this month:
Weeks 21-24 (Month 5): Papaya

Watch what you say -- baby is now able to hear outside noise from down in the womb. Studies show that baby finds gentle music and your own voice most soothing. Nipples are starting to sprout, and that little face is fully formed. And, baby's starting to settle into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day. It shouldn't be hard to figure out when -- just pay attention to those kicks as they start and stop.

How far along?: 22 Weeks

Total weight gain?: I really don't know...at last weigh in I had gained 10 pounds...I would guessimate that I've gained around 12 pounds so far.
Maternity clothes?: All of my pants still...I'm back to wearing pre-maternity shirts...just becasue I still can..but it won't be much longer until I can't.
Stretch marks?: I think I have one on each hip. But none other than that.
Sleep?: No...and it sucks!! I have no problem going to sleep. I just can't stay asleep.
Best moment this week?: I have two...we got to see our little one on Wednesday again!! SHe's doing good. AND...our bedding came in. Right now, the nursery looks like it just threw up baby bedding but I'm determined to document it all (take pictures).
Movement?: Most days...off and on. She's very active in the evenings. And last night, when mommy couldn't sleep at 4:00, she entertained me. It's still pretty dull but it's there.
Food cravings?: Last weekend it was chili...and it didn't settle too well...and bananas (which I know is a craving, b/c I don't like bananas)
Labor signs?: No...good thing!
Belly button in or out?: it's pretty flat now. It won't be long before I have an outie!
What I miss?: still sushi from Haruno...and sleep
What I'm looking forward to?: Tomorrow we are going to register at Baby News, Target and maybe Babies R' Us. I'm super excited. I'm also looking forward to picking out a name for our daughter! I'm pretty sure we've got one but it's just down to deciding it's "the one".
Danielle and Kelly B. are planning my first shower. It's going to be on November 15th, sometime in the afternoon. It's mainly for my extended family, and Ozark friends. If you are interested in coming, let me know and I will put your name on the list. I need your addresses as well.
Tomorrow, Justin and I will take a belly picture...i'll post it sometime...Kisses-


Wednesday - Hump Day

Today is Wednesday. I have a couple things on my mind.

First... I will be 22 weeks on Friday. I've not been very good at keeping up with the pictures of the belly progress... so here you go...

20 weeks

21 weeks

I have my 2nd ultrasound today at 3:30. During the first one, they could not see her stomach (b/c she was empty) so they are going to look again. I'm excited that we get to see her again!!

Baby News called me yesterday and told me that her bedding came in!! I'm so excited. We are going to pick it up just so we will have some sort of idea about what color to paint the nursery. I'm thinking a pale yellow. What do you think? Kelly and Jeremy let us "borrow" the toy chest AND have given us permission to paint it. I'm thinking I'm going to paint it red. It will bring a good **pop** of color into the room.

I've decided that I am going to make her name (which we still don't know). I think I'm going to try and find some scrapbook paper with birds on it and modge podge it to the front of the letters. It might be a little busy so I'm going to put them on the opposite wall from the crib. I'm
also going to try and find some wall murals with birds. I got the ideas for the birds from the mobile.

Second: I made a website for my classes today! I'm super proud of myself. This way, absent students can go online and see what they missed. It was fairly easy.

Third: I'm frustrated with work! I'm frustrated with people I work with. Two quetions: 1. What do some people have to be soooooooo argumentative? AND 2. Why can't people just shut up and do the job your were hired to do...without complaining? Maybe some people just get their rocks off by being a pain in my ass!!!

Well...I'm off! Wish Justin and I luck. Keep our little family in your prayers!!


Happy October!!!

I can't believe it's the first day of October!! 2009 has gone by so fast!! But in my mind, of courtse, it can't go by fast enough. I will be 21 weeks tomorrow!! I thank God everyday for giving my the opportunity to be a mother and for a (so far) healthy and somwhat easy pregnancy.

First off, I want to ask everyone for thughts and prayers for the Floyd family. Monday, Sept. 28th, Justin's cousin's wife, Joni (cousin is Gavin) had their baby at 28 weeks. Greyden John Floyd was born at 3 lbs and 16 inches long. He is healthy. He was taken off the ventilator on Tuesday and is currently breathing on his own. He will be in the NICU for the next 2 months and will continue to develop his little body. He and his mommy and daddy need all the prayers you can give.

I will update again tomorrow. Maybe some pictures!!
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