24 weeks tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is my V-day!! Viability day to be more exact. Here's the belly pictures from last Saturday (23 weeks). Sorry It's taken me so long to upload it! Tomorrow, we are off of school (thanks goodness!) and Justin and I are going to spend the day together. We are going to eat breakfast at panera (yummmmmmmm...asiago cheese bagel!) and then Baby News is delivering the crib and other furniture at 12:30!!! I'm sure we will do some other stuff (like put the crib together in the afternoon) too. I would like to go to Target to look for a storage unit (like the one below) for the closet and a small round table. The storage unit will be for books and other clothes items. I got the idea online at The Bump. I love that website!!

Short post today guys!! More to come tomorrow!! Hopefully, we will get the tree decal in today or tomorrow and we can get the nursery fixed right up!!

Peace and God Bless!!

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