Nursery Decor Ideas

So I've gotten the basic decor for our nursery figured out!!! We are going to center the theme around the birds on the mobile. We've decided to paint the walls a pale blue...almost whiteish blue. It's called tropical mist. I'm going to order some decals that can be hung on the walls and I'm going to make a few things.

Here are the decals that I'm looking to order. I can't seem to find the tree or a tree like it. I want it to go by and over the crib. (like in the picture)

I've actually already ordered the decal below. The branch is dark brown and the birds are deep red.

I colors that I'm focusing on are aqua blue, deep red, dark brown, and a light brown (tan).

I'm going to make a few things as well. I think they will add a touch of love. :)

Here's what I'm going to attempt to make: Closet dividers, letters for her name, and a few paintings.

The letters are going to have scrapbook paper glued on them and then I'm going to put embellishments on them. (like chip board decals, rhinestones, buttons, ect. )

I've hand drawn the birds that I'm going to cut out of the same scrapbook paper that I'm going to use on the letters. It will all be uniform. All I will have to paint on the pictures is the background (which is going to be the blue color) and the branches (dark brown) and blossoms. (yellow, red and light brown)) The birds will be red, yellow, and light brown.
Hobby Lobby and Lowe's are going to get a few visits in the next few weeks.
I think Justin may paint this Saturday. We are also going to paint a toy chest and a small table (from WallyWorld). The toy chest is going to be deep red and the table is going to be dark brown.
I hope it all comes together and doesn't look stupid. Please pray for us and our little one!

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