Miss Molly's Place

Molly is an active girl...she never stops moving!!!...even if she's sleeping!

First tooth: June 16, 2010...as of Nov. 16, 2010 - she had 8 teeth!  Crazy thing!

Rolled over: June 6, 2010

Sat up: Aug. 17, 2010

Crawled: Sept 20, 2010

Pulled herself up (on the ottoman): Oct. 16, 2010

Cruising: November 20, 2010 (around the coffee table and stand-up toy)

Stood up on her won: January 5, 2011

Walking: March 15th, 2011 (13 months)

Fed Herself: March-April 2011

Said her first word (other than the typical one worders):

She's growing up so fast....I love you Molly girl!
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