Nathan Marshall Floyd - Nov. 6th, 2012

Last week was an eventful week....I wanted to get this down somewhere so that I have so record of it. Tuesday, Nov. 6th, was election day and besides that, any other Tuesday. Justin and I got up early to take Molly to school and go vote because I had an appointment at 3:00 and we thought it might be busy in the afternoon at the polling places. The kids were out of school but the teachers still had PD and so I sat through some PD sessions and learned some stuff about technology...all the while, not feeling very good that whole day. My appt was at 3:00 om but I didn't actually see the doctor until closer to 4....long story....but she checked me and I was 3 cm and 90% effaced.  I was actually pretty excited b/c I knew the effacement meant more than the dilation.  She also "stripped my membranes" which I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, I just knew that it COULD bring on labor. We got out of the appt and I took Justin back to the office and chatted with my dad (who was supposed to leave town the next morning at 4:00am) until about 5:00 and then went to pick up Molly at school.  We got home around 5:30, I turned on Dora and sat on the couch to watch the news....and BOOM!  started having REALLY painful contractions.

The contractions were about 4:30 minutes apart.  I called my mom and put her "on alert" and then called Justin (who wasn't home yet....5:45) and told him that he probably needed to head this way.  Around 6:00, I called mom again and told her to come on over to watch Molly.  We were going to head to the hospital and see "what was up".  Justin got home and we ate (I know, looking back, probably should have just headed out) and hot to the hospital around 6:50.

The triage nurse checked me (6 cm and 100%) and my contractions (which were 2:30 minutes apart now) and got started on my paper work.  They asked if I had my epidural interview done and then really started rushing around.  My contractions were totally out of control painful....nuts I'm telling you!!

I got back to the labor and delivery room around 7:30 and wasn't totally not handling ANYTHING well. My blood pressure was 162/92 of something crazy like that.  I was totally sure that I wasn't going to get the epidural and I was freaking out!!

The nurses brought in the birthing table full of instruments and I looked at Justin and said something like "he's coming sooner than later!  My mom and dad and your mom and dad aren't here yet!" (They did get there)

About 8:00, my hero aka the anesthesiologist strolled in and gave me some amazing drugs...they actually thought I was going to have him within the hour, so he gave me a block, which is essentially what they give c-section patients.  It worked instantly!!  I'm talking instant!!  BUT...my blood pressure dropped to 90/40 and I kinda freaked out....I did that with Molly too. AND....my contractions stopped altogether! But I was no longer in pain and was able to chat with my family and nurses and doctor....carefree....until about 9:30

And the contractions started again....full force!!  The nurse came in and basically said, we can wait till the epidural is in and working OR we can push this baby out and get him here...I said, push!

As I was pushing, the doc came in and gave him the epidural...so I did have it and it kicked in right about the time Nathan was crowning...it was glorious timing.

I pushed for about 15 minutes (I think) and around 10:10 (2 minutes before CNN called the election), Nathan Marshall Floyd was born....one of the neatest things ever was that I got to actually pull his bottom half out.   It was fast and furious but I am so happy to have him here!

We went home on Thursday evening and we are doing great!  He is a good sleeper (about 3 hours at a time) and a great eater (about 2 oz per feeding).

Molly is adjusting great (i think) and we are settling in as a family of 4.

Now for pictures.....

39 weeks

At the doc appt....we waited for a while and got kinda bored

Nathan Marshall....7 lbs, 8 oz and 20 1/4 inches long

after his first bath

First father/son chat

Fist family of 4 photo

Going home

Big sister Molly and baby Nathan

God Bless!


Mallory said...

Congratulations again! He's precious! Fun to see you today, you look fabulous!

Hilary Lane said...

Congratulations!! & wow what a head of hair Molly has! I haven't seen pics in a while!

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