About our family

My name is Sara...

I was born in October, 1983...holy cow!

I am a "lost" girl b/c I was born in Arkansas and I always thought that's where I was from...you know...but when I was 8, my family moved to Springfield, Missouri...(well a little town outside of Springfield called Ozark)...I now consider myself as being "from Springfield" but still an Arkansan...Whoo Pig Sooie!

I graduated from high school in 2002 and from college in 2006 

I teach American history at my old high school, which I love (sometimes)!!  If you ask people who know me, they would say that I am obsessed about being an "Ozark Tiger"...but I just say I'm passionate!!  (My daughter will go to school there too - starting at 6 months old in August!!)

Random facts about me:
- I went to Arkansas Tech for 3 years before transferring to Drury Universtity (I graduated Magna Cum Laude!! - I know...I rock!)
- I am and always will be a Zeta Tau Alpha!
- I LOVE ranch dressing...no I mean, I love it!!!
- I'm kind of a "know it all" about famous people and all things entertainment.
- I love to shop at Target, and Wally World...weird I know
- I love all things Razorback!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!

My husband name is Justin...

He is slighty older than me....7 years if you are counting!  :)

He works for my dad as his computer specialist.  That's how we met...

Okay, let's be honest...I was a bit silly and hit on him in an inapproprate way...fun time!

More to come later!
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