27 years ago today....


This morning I opened my presents from my daughter and hubbie. They are so great! I got a Kindle (YAY!!!) and a tripod for the camera. I'm so blessed!
This weekend, we are going to fayetville to the Razorback's homecoming gaem against Vanderbilt with my mommy and daddy! So excited!!
Tongith, however, I'm going to eat my weight in sushi!
Thanks mom and ad for having me and raising me!!


Other interesting things to think about....

1. The US National Deficit is around 13 TRILLION!!!! - Okay, that's nuts!!!!!

2. The US population is around 310 MILLION

3. The World Population is around 6.8 BILLION

4. AND this guy....
...Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - SHARES MY BIRTHDAY!!!! CRAP!!!!

Randomness that is my thoughts today!


Secret Menu Items? Whhhhaaaattt?

Apparently there are items at certain resturants that do not appear on the menu but that you can get anyways...CRAZINESS!!! I'm so going to try this....


Woo Pig!!! We won!!

It was the ugliest game ever but it was still a won...and against a Texas team! Way to kick some A&M Aggie bootie!!!


So, this past week has been kinda stressful on Momma Floyd...

Wednesday - Justin left early to go to Columbia with my dad to get their airplane...more to come on that later...
I got Molly ready by myself...which isn't a big deal but I was running late for a meeting and I was flustered. I was getting Molly dressed on her changing table and I bent down to get some socks and she fell....HEAD FIRST - THREE FEET!!!! Needless to say, I freaked!!

I called the doctor and they gave my directions and things to watch for. But she was fine...she cried for 30 seconds and then started playing.

But my mom came over later in the morning...I stayed home from work...I was still VERY emotional but we decided to go get something to eat. While we were deciding where to eat...I flipped over to Ellen on the TV. OUr local news interrupted Ellen and said that a plane had crashed at Springfield's downtown airport (around 10:45)...

Now...the hubbie had a text arund 10:30 that siad they were off the ground, and on their way home. It takes 30 -45 minutes to get from Columbia to Springfield in their airplane. But, again...needless to say...my mom and I freaked!!!

It wasn't them but a woman did die and I would like to ask you to pray for her family.

I was stressed by the end of the night and couldn't sleep...mainly b/c I was having to wake Molly up every 2 hours...

I was better on Friday and I have heard a lot of other stories from people whose children took tumbles as well...but it still freaked me out.

Justin is still learning how to fly as well. I'm okay with that...I'm very proud of him to doing this...it's a huge deal. I'm not going to lie...I'm nervous but I was before the plane crashed.

I hope I didn't worry anyone too bad. Everything is okay!! Thank you for all your prayers..they were answered.

God Bless!


We Need Your Prayers

We had a little mishap this morning and I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers....

On the same hand, prayers were answered in another event in our lives.

More to come later when I can type and not cry on the keyboard....

God Bless!
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