Look at my two teeth!!!

A new way to eat!

This is the funniest thing....it looks like we spent too much time watching the World Cup....

New Toy FUN!!!

We borrowed our nieces' excersaucer and jumparoo and so far, Molly seems to like both new toys....she enjoys the ability to stand and play rather than sit. SHe's not quite sure what to do in the jumparoo but is quickly learning...


Molly at 5 months!!!

This is about a week late but things are getting more crazy as the summer goes on

Molly turned 5 months old last Friday...here's what's happening in Molly's world

-She is wearing size 2 diapers

-She is eating 6 oz. about every 3 hours or so

-She is spending ALOT of time on her belly and can roll over pretty easily

-She can grab her toes and put them in her mouth

-She is sleeping about 10 hours every night (going to bed between 8-9 and getting up around 5-6)

-She is still learning how to eat and love cereal

-She is wearing 3-6 months clothing

-She naps anywhere from 2-4 hours a day (never longer than an hour at a time....she's my little cat napper)

-She can sit in a shopping cart and resturant high chair (with a little help from the cover and strap)

-She's still got two teeth (the bottom, middle two) but is seriously trying to cut the top 4

Here's a "few" pictures for your viewing pleasure

God Bless!


4th of July Post...FINALLY!!!

So...I know I'm kinda behind but I totally have a good reason....

Last week, my hubbie had some family in from Vermont (we only see them once a year) so we spent a lot of time enjoying their company and I didn't get around to blogging!! But I'm catching up....

We loved seeing Jeff, Stephanie, Hayden and Cebelle! AND....we totally miss them!!! Can't wait to see them again!!

We went swimming...

Of course, we had to dress Molly up like a socialite and take a picture...

Molly got to swing for the very first time....SHE LOVED IT!!!

We celebrated the 234th brithday (come one, I'm an American history teacher!!) of our nation!!

With fireworks!!

My SIL Kelly and her daughter Hannah having fun with the sparklers... With smiles and giggles...and multiple outfits!!!

Laughing with Nana
With Mamaw...Justin's mom

With cousin Hannah (our niece)
With cousin Claire... (our other niece)
All of the kids...this picture took a bit of time but it was sooooo much fun to take!!!
(l to r - Claire, age 2 (our other neice), Molly, 4.5 months, Hayden, age 7 (I think), Cybelle, age 5, Hannah, age 4...SOO MUCH FUN!!!
This was her church outfit!!

I am so very proud of our nation and my little family!!!
I cannot tell you how unbelievably proud of these two I am!!!I thank God that he brought Justin into my life and that he blessed us with Molly everyday!!

I hope you take time to enjoy your family and your friends!! And remember to thank God because with Him, nothing is possible!! God Bless!!!

Rice cerel = SUCCESS!!

Remember this? Good times but total FAIL!!

As of this weekend, we have SUCCESS!! She has starting actually EATING the cerel....WHOO WHOO!!!

I know it doesn't look like it, but I'm guessing she actually ATE 1.5 oz...I'm so proud of her!!

Afterwards, she was so proud of herself!!

More to come later on our adventures in baby solids!!
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