Happy Easter 2011!

Tomorrow is Miss Molly's second Easter. I have to say, I did better this year. I got the dress much more in advance than last year. AND I love it. Mom and I got it at the Gap Outlet in Branson a month or so ago. I'm so proud of myself b/c I ironed it BY MY SELF!!!!

The shoes came from Target for a whopping $12! They are the cutest white shoes I could find. Oh...and the sweater was $14 at Target as well. I can't wait to show it to you on her! It's totally cuteness!

I think I went a little overboard on the Easter basket this year...but considering I didn't do one last year...

It actually turned into three baskets! :)

I will show it all tomorrow when she pulls it all out!

Happy Easter y'all!!

God Bless!!

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