Happy Easter!! Lots of pics!!

Saturday before Easter Sunday, we were busy with birthday parties...Aunt Kelly turned 31 and cousin Jackson turned the big 3!! Molly's daddy did NOT love the hat I put on her but I informed him that he didn't have much choice.
I made the flower but bought the hat
I love her bib...we got a set of cute bibs with cute sayings at Macy's on Good Friday
I ordered these off Etsy...they are a little big still but it won't be long.
"Come on people...I'm already tired of pictures!"
What the heck is this thing on my head?!

Molly's Easter outfit. I kinda let the ball drop on this first holiday...I didn't get her an Easter basket (although both mamaw and nana covered it)...And I didn't get any pictures with her and the two of us.

The shoes were cutest part of her outfit!
Molly's bloomers
"Mom!! My head is too heavy!"

"I'm done!!!"
Sunday afternoon, Justin and I took her for a walk to calm her down...long story for another post!
Hope everyone had a great Easter and remembered to thank God for sending his son to die on the cross for our sins...
God Bless!

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Alyssa said...

I love the shoes! Btw, if Charlie were a girl, we were going to name him Molly! I love that name. If Charlie has a little sister some day, she will be named Molly. :)

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