2 months old!!

"It's my 2 month birthday!!"

I can't believe my little girl is two months old.

As of today, Molly...
- is smiling quite a bit. She can smile at us. Nana even had her laughing (well cooing really loud)
- is eating about 4 oz. every 3 hours. (Except at night, she can go about 5)
- is only getting up once a night...around 2ish.
- has grown to Size 1 diapers...fully. Newborns are just too small.
- is mainly wearing 0-3 months clothes...although she can still wear some newborn stuff.
- can turn and look at Justin and I when we are having a convo. (from one to the other)
- still loves taking baths.
- can "reach up" and "play" with the toys on the car seat.
- has begun to like her playmat.
- naps in her crib during the day.
Molly - Daddy and I love you very much! Happy 2 month birthday!

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