Happy Tax Day!

Thursday was tax day! I hope you got your taxes in. As the daughter of an accountant, I've come to love April 15th. It's the day that my dad breaths a BIG **sigh** of relief. Molly will come to love it too! (b/c her she LOVES her g-pa!!) Plus...now....since Justin works for my dad, I have it x2. Justin has had a pretty good tax season though...well, you know...with the birth of his daughter and all.

To celebrate the end of the 2010 tax season...my dad and mom took us to Fire and Ice for some good fun and fellowship. Molly got to wear a new outfit (courtesy of Nana)

From Gymboree
With her daddy...he's sooooo tired!

Of course...the shoe shot!
The bow was a gift from one of my kiddos.

"Happy Tax Day!!"

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