You're going places baby!!

So since I'm kinda busy right now...in life....I use the weekends to catch up with the blog world...(hence the reason I have like 14 posts in one day)...but I noticed today that one of my favorite mommy bloggers is also a fan of mine...Thank you so much Kendra...her son is totally too cute and was born just a couple of days after Molly...I'm so excited...check her out at kendramendez.blogspot.com.

She's nominated me for a couple of blog awards...I've already received the Beautiful blogger award but thanks so much for it again!!

So without further ado...

The rules are simple, you have to blog about where you want to be in 10 years and then tag 10 fabulous blogs that are worthy of the award... so let's get to it.

Where do I see myself in 10 years?...

It's kinda weird b/c if you would have asked me 10 years (or more like 5 probably) where I would be...I would have said "Teaching, starting my masters, married with a baby"...and that's where and what I'm at. So, in 10 years, I'll be 36. I would like to have at least two more kids...I would like to be a high school counselor at Ozark. I would like to be living in the "last house" that Justin and I will live in...hopefully it's the one that we have thought about long and hard and built...maybe on 10-15 acres with a pond....oh and hopefully be an aunt (to my brother's kids) It's not a lot.

I would like to tag:

1. Mrs. F @ mrsforeste.blogspot.com
2. Melissa @ melandjimmyatkinson.blogspot.com
3. Leah @ leahandross.blogspot.com
4. Ashley @ thedomesticwannabe.blogspot.com
5. Mrs. Southern Belle @ mrssouthernbelle.blogspot.com
6. Meredith @ vivalabuenavida.blogspot.com
7. Heather @ 2thornberrys.blogspot.com
There's a couple of other mommy blogs that I love...so I'm going to break the rules and mention them too!! Check them out!!

Marlo @ maemommy.blogspot.com
Carrie @ littlebabypope.blogspot.com
Alyssa @ suburban-chic.blogspot.com
Thanks Kendra!!!


Alyssa said...

Thanks for the shoutout - love reading your blog, too!

Mrs.F said...

Aww thanks for nominating me :)

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