7 weeks old today!

My little Elton John baby....Molly on the boppy with diamonds
Playing on the boppy at Nana's
She loves bathtime...I think it's b/c she LOVES being naked...
Playing at the cabin

I can't believe my little angel is 7 weeks old. She is getting so big.
1. She doesn't need suuport when laying in the bathtub. (obviously I'm there in case she decides to lean over)
2. She is sleeping in the night around 4 -5 hours. She wakes up once around 2 or 3 am to eat. last night, she probably would have slept till 4 or 5 if I would let her. But I woke her up to feed her at 3.
3. She is turning her head to look at things (when on her back)
4. She can follow you with her eyes.
5. She is finally wearing some 0-3 month clothing....mainly sleepers. She still can't wear her jeans but soon. She's still wearing Newborn pants and onesies...although I think she might be able to wear some 0-3 onesies.
She is kinda tempramemtal...she is easily stressed (like me...poor girl). We are working on self soothing...although I've not read anything specifically about it. :)
I will try to update later with Easter pictures. She looked sooooooooo cute in her little dress and sweater....I promise to get better at updating...

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