What a beautiful weekend!!

"Playing" in her swing..she's not a big fan of the swing!
This has been a great weekend. We are having beautiful weather and it's given us a chance to go for walks, go to the park, and take some pictures.
Friday night, after we got home from Nana's house... (her outfit below is on backwards...courtsey of Nana...)
We decided to play dress up while she was happy... her outfit below consists of a onesie from Wally World (I'm trying to get her to wear the all the newborn stuff while she still can), and leg warmers from Target...Justin thought they were silly...he kept saying, "I'm sorry your momma's crazy, Molly." Then I put on her "flip flops" that Nana got for her at JCP. They are too cute. I'm so excited that it's going to be warm this week...she can wear them instead of her tennies.

Saturday - Justin worked his last Saturday of tax season...YEAH!!! Molly and I went out to Nana's and helped her clean her house a little bit. We went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Our walk was really rough on Molly...she acutally took a brief nap.

Later Staturday night, I finally caught up on my baby book reading and Justin playing with the camera (I'm starting the 12 weeks to better photography...posts to come later).

Since we woke up late this morning, we didn't make it to early service and decided to not go to late service. I know...we are bad people...hopefully God will forgive us and still watch over us this week... :) The reason I think he will is b/c we spent the day as a family. We cleaned a bit this morning...we did some laundry...Molly took a good nap (45 minutes or so) and then we went to the park...It was Molly's first trip to the park and I think she liked it. She LOVES...I mean, LOVES...being outside. Mamaw and Papaw even met us there. (After their trip to Lowe's)

I was excited b/c she got to (finally) wear a summer outift. I took her shoes and socks off and she just kicked her little feet while we walked.

Here's come all the pictures...trust...there's a lot... She and I even went down the slide...TWICE!!! It was fun! She got a kick out of it.
With Mamaw...right before she started screaming bloody murder...everyone in the park turned to look...it was neat!

When we got home (and after Molly had eaten...she was STARVING), we went back outside and took some more pictures (to play with the flash)...

With Mommy
With Daddy
Daddy took this picture...I really wish she had been looking....
Hope everyone has a great week!!! Make sure you get your taxes filed by Thursday!!! Yeah!!! Tax season ends Thursday!!!
God Bless everyone...

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