Time with Daddy

So this week, Justin started his paternity leave. He's a had a full week...he and Molly have gone out to lunch with his mom and dad, he's gone shopping...and he's been really good and taken some pictures.

They have snuggled...

Had some tummy time... Rocked the leg warmers... Played on the Baby Einstein playmat...Swaddled...Laughed...cried...and rocked out the Boppy... Speaking of being swaddled...Molly has not been a big fan of it. Really though, let's be honest...who would? Then last week, I was on the Bump (my secret obsession) and some posted something about this things called the Woombie. Now, I may be behind a couple of years, but I checked out the website and thought it looked kinda weird..but b/c I LOVE to try new things (and buy things for Molly :))....I bought one...it came this week....


I'm not kidding...she slept the first night we put her in it for 6 hours straight...that's record! We could have driven a MACK truck through the living room and she would have never known!!

I think I might order another one...not only are they stretchy (so she can move more, and get her hands where she likes them, all the while keeping the startle reflex away)...but they are light weight so we can use it this summer. Plus they are comparable to other swaddle blankets. Check out the website here.

(The Woobie Company did not give me anything to say what I said...good-to-honest product review)

Okay...so you have seen a couple of pictures of Molly kickin it in some leg warmers. Now, she's only got 3 pairs (mainly b/c I've been afraid Justin would make fun of me if I got her any more) but I love them. The idea behind them is GENIUS!! Changing diapers are easy. So, why am I telling you this? Mrs. Atkinson (aka Melissa) over at The Atkinson Family's blog has a giveaway of the REAL leg warmers. BabyLegs is the true baby leg warmer brand. The ones that Molly has are from Target so I toally hope that I win this one. I've not won a giveaway yet. SO...stop reading my blog and head over to Melissa's and check it



Kendra said...

I just ordered Drrew one. Ive been wanting to but didnt want to waste the money, but bc of your review I caved LOL. Which one did you get? the deluxe or the houdini? I got the deluxe. I hope he likes it.

Hilary Lane said...

How cool that he gets paternity leave!!! And do those Woombies have an open bottom? They look like they'd be hard for diaper changing if they don't.

sfloyd said...

Hilary - No opening in the bottom and that would be my only complaint. However, we don't change her in the middle of the night unless she REALLY needs to it. Glad to see that you are a follower!! Glad to have you! Love readin your blog too!

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