Total Cuteness Overload

Last Sunday, we tried to take some pictures of Molly because she was totally cute in her purple dress and poof hair accessory. The picture below is before we fed her....

We also tried to take a family picture. You see how that turned out. The dress had spit up on it and it's "Dry clean only"...what kind of store sells "Dry clean only" cloths? Gymboree, that's who...but it's too cute anyways.

Here's the pictures we did get!! How cute and adorable is she!? Totally hamming it up for the camera!!

Then we put her in the Woombie and put her "down for a nap"...this is where ended up. I know we are bad parents!

I was doing some laundry and cleaning our closet out and when I came back in the living room...I found this! So cute!!!

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