30 under 30

So...over at Alyssa's (http://suburban-chic.blogspot.com) Suburban Chic blog, she made a list of things that she wants to do while 30. I think this is a fun idea and kinda like the 101 list in 1000 days idea but much more attainable. I will turn 30 on October 28, 2013...yikes!!! Hopefully the world doesn't end in Dec. of 2012...:)

1. read the bible all the way through.
2. Start (and keep up with) Molly's scrapbook.
3. Teach Molly to swim
4. Make a t-shirt quilt (made from my old tees- I have 1000s)
5. Have 2 more kids :)
6. Get my masters in school counseling
7. Get tenured at school
8. Build a house
9. Teach Molly to shoot a basketball
10. Move up to high school coaching in basketball
11. Go to Normandy, France

I need some help!! What would be on your list? Leave me a comment and help out!!


Hilary Lane said...

I'm attempting to make a t-shirt quilt, too. So far, I've pulled out all the t-shirts, and they've been sitting in bags for a couple of months. I'll get on it eventually!

sfloyd said...

Your one step infront of me! My shirts are still in my attic! :) I think I'm going to work on it this summer! I'm going to have to make a huge quilt! (maybe I'll make two - one for HS and then one for college!) GL!

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