Top Two Tuesday...my first...

Okay...so I know that I said that I don't usually do these but this Top two Tuesday tidbit is supposed to be about your top two dream homes. Go over and visit The Undomestic Momma's blog.

Justin and I have been thinking about building our next home. We've been actively looking for land but we are running into some problems...like where do we want to look? Here's the dealo:

a. I'm from Ozark and He's from Ash Grove - our families are on opposite sides of Springfield...so where do we look that is going to be the smae distance to both grandparents' houses? Republic? South Springfield?

b. I work in Ozark but he works in North Springfield...(opposite sides of the city)...if we lived in Ozark, Rogersville, ect...he would have to drive into work WITH the traffic (I drive opposite of it now)...plus it would lenghten his drive... If we looked in Republic...my drive wouldn't shorten but his would get longer...by, like, 20 minutes :(

But I digress...this blog was supposed to be about my dream home. I love the Craftsman style houses.

The above house plans came from the House Designers Website

Typically...Craftsman style houses have...

1. An inviting porch
2. Details (like built-ins)that increase functionality
3. Open Floor Plans
4. Exposed wooden rafters

The first house (#1) has 2,400 square feet and the second has 2,100. We actually like the 2 house plan better but I think I would like to have a half bath (for guests)...like this
In the kitchen...I want an island with a gas stove top...and the ovens on the wall. I love the dark wood of the picture below. And a pantry!!!!

There are so many choices when building a house...I'm not sure that Justin and I can do it but I'm looking forward to trying...in a couple of years!!!


Beth McC. said...

Love your picks! That kitchen is amazing!! Your blig is too cute!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love those pictures! I am obsessed with craftsman homes!

Amanda M. said...

I LOVE those houses. LOVE the craftsman style!!!

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