My two cents about diapers

Lately, there's been a lot of talk around the blog world and message boards about diapers. Specifically the Pampers Dry Max....We LOVE the Pampers diapers. We have tried the two other big names, Luvs and Huggies, and the Pampers works the best on Molly. Luvs worked okay but could not hold up to the nighttime. On more than one occasion, Molly soaked through the diaper, the onesie and the swaddler. The Huggies just don't fit her little booty. They never worked. So we stuck with the Pampers.

Now, I'm a huge fan of the swaddlers but those things are so expensive and Pampers changed to the Dry Max and things started to hit the fan. I'm not sure what we are going to do when Molly goes to school next fall...b/c we have to provide diapers and formula (and we use the most expensive of both - only the best for my baby...j/k!) But more on that later...

What got me thinking about this, you might be asking...since we've not had a problem...Well, someone I know (through my sister-in-law) has a daughter who suffered a boil on her "lady bits". Now, she is not totally sure that the dry max diapers casued the boil. But she does know that she switched to the dry max cruisers and her daughter got a boil after the fact. It had ot be lanced and left a pencil tip size hole in her skin. That's not fun!! Poor little girl couldn't crawl or move around at all w/o hurting.

So...here's the facts that I understand:

1. Proctor and Gamble is the parent company of Pampers. From what I've read, they have done all kinds of testing and could not find anything wrong with the Dry Max diapers.

2. A number of "mommy bloggers" (just like me) and FACEBOOK users (parents) have started a "campaign" of sorts to get P & G to recall the Dry max diapers. So far, P & G has not and will not, stating that the allegations are "completely false rumors, fueled by social meadia". That's us.

3. P & G has said that diaper rashes are normal and can be painful and quite severe if not treated properly. From what I understand, these "rashes" are not rashes at all but actually burns, blisters, boils, ect. That's not diaper rash.

Here's my two cents:

Shouldn't Proctor and Gamble be a little bit more understanding and helpful when dealing with parents who's children have burns, blisters, and boils on the most senstive parts of their bodies?

Shouldn't Proctor and Gamble be a little bit more willing to actaully investigate the claims, no matter how small the number ("2 per million units sold" is the number I saw...plus the number of laswsuits that have been filed - which I don't know) b/c of the recent trouble other companys, mainly TOYOTA have been getting into?

To my understanding, Toyota KNEW that some lines of their cars had break problems...and did not recall them b/c the cost did not benefit them. Now, they are in trouble. BIG TROUBLE! At least, you would hope.

Don't big businesses deal more in cost anaylsis and b/c of this fact, should we trust anything P & G says? Meaning...the lawsuits being filed and the payouts that are going to come from these cost less than recalling the whole line of Dry max daipers....right now, the cost vs. cost leans in favor of no recall.

You can check out a few websites:

Pampers Website (Has FAQ about Dry Max diapers)

It's all very interesting but I think until I hear something one way or the other...we wil stay away from the Pampers Dry Max diapers. We will probably stick with regular pampers for the night time and when she's home but we might switch to Luv's or another brand. I read this morning about the Target Up & Up brand.

We might try them out and see. I've been thinking about trying out the Up & Up formula too...we stay tuned...we will see!


Hilary Lane said...

That's awful to hear!! My sister used Parent's Choice diapers with all of her girls & loved them. I think they're the Wal-Mart brand, but they worked really well. I hope that we can be lucky enough to love the cheapest diapers, when we have kids!

Danielle said...

We only used the Papmers Cruisers until we started Cloth diapers. Then I got sick of using those so we switched to the Up and Up brand.. and we love them! They work just as good as the Cruisers. I've heard great things about the formula too.

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