A baptism, a birthday and an anniversary!!

Today was Molly's 3 month birthday. We had her baptised today. Today was also my parent's 29th birthday It was a busy day. She wore my baptism dress from 26 years ago. It was really neat. But of course, again, we failed at getting a family picture today. We gotta get better at that.

And of course...we had to take 3 month pictures. I'm not going to lie, she's been a bear today...probably b/c she's not pooped in 2 days and b/c she REFUSES to take a good nap...it's 30 mintues here or there on and off all day. But we did have a brief window of relief to an a cute little photo shoot.

I got her the jean skirt last week at BRU and her shoes came Nana (BRU)

With daddy!

Such a big girl!

Happy anniversay to my mom and dad who celebrated their 29th anniversary today!!!

1976- dad's high school graduation (mom was a freshman)

What a wonderful and blessed day!! I hope your weekend was a great one!! God Bless everyone!!!

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Amanda M. said...

Oh, the baby looks SO pretty in her christening gown!! Happy Birthday/Baptism/Anniversary weekend! :)

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