6 months!!

So, I'm a little late with this but school started last week so I totally have an excuse...

Molly turned 6 months old two weeks ago, Monday...Aug 16th!

Stats -

Weight: 17 lb. 11.5 oz. (82%)

Height: 27 inches (90%)

We are so proud of her!
- She's sitting up on her own
- She's really trying to crawl but just hasn't figured it out quite yet
- She's still wearing size 2 diapers
- We're working on the solids but it's a slow process - so far she's had squash, pears, apples and bannas - she could take or leave all of them
- She's drinking about 34 oz of formula a day - 6 oz at a time
- She started daycare two weeks ago and so far, she's doing great!!

Here's a few pictures...she cut another tooth that night and was just not cooperating with the camera.

On another note...I continue to work with Photoshop but it's very slow going!
I've started reading the Harry Potter series. How's that for waiting until the last minute...I plan on being to the last book as the last movie (next July) is coming out!
God Bless!

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