Baby #2....inspiration

With Molly, I started planning the nursery, names etc right about this time.  We find out June 12th what this baby's gender is....I can't wait. 

Obviously, I want a healthy baby but after that I would like to have a boy....mainly b/c I want to use my boy's name....it's pretty much non-negotiable. 

A refresher: Molly is named after my mom's dad's mom...Mollie Lucy was her name.  Molly's middle name is Abigail.  Justin's mom's middle name is Gale...so both names are a play on both mom's families.  Molly Abigail came to us in the weeks after we found out Molly was going to be a girl....but I digress. 

Looking back at the post I linked above, the boys' name was not on that list....but neither was Molly or Abigail.  Figures. 

My boys' name is Marshall Austin.  Again, non-negotiable.  Justin didn't really even have a say....ooops, my bad....it would make more sense if we named him Steven.  Both our dad's names are Steve.  And don't get my wrong, I like Steve...but that would mean I couldn't use Marshall Austin...and I REALLY like it.  Let me explain......

Marshall is my dad's dad's dad's middle name...my great-granddad's name on my dad's side. His name was Ray.  From the time I can remember, my dad has talked about his granddad Ray.  I'm a Perryman (my maiden name).  My family is very important to me.  What a better way to celebrate my family than by naming my son after the Patriarch of the family?  Right? 

Austin is Justin's dad's dad's name...Justin's granddad's name on his dad's side...  again, patriarch of the Floyd (my married name) family.  I really did put a lot of thought into the name.  AND I LOVE IT.  

But I know, that it's very possible that this baby might be a girl.  And I'm perfectly happy with that as well.  Girls are amazing.  Molly has been amazing.  The teenage years might be rough but hey...nothing that a beer won't cure.  (of course, I kid...maybe)

Anywhoo....I do have name picked out for a girl too.....I love it equally as much.  The only thing is, only part is a family name....I think (but I'm determined to find out otherwise)

My girls' name is Maggie Erin.  Yes, I love it too. 

Erin is my grandmother's (on my dad's side...my dad's mom) mother's middle name.  Her whole name was Anna Erin (which I LOVE but that would be weird, right?)

Maggie just kinda came to me...actually it came from my mom.  So, we would have Maggs and Molls.  I kinda love it.

Anyway...I've started thinking about the nursery too.  You will see the room (which is a guest room/catch-all now) next week. (Home tour)

I love the orange/aqua/brown or grey color scheme.  I'm also TOTALLY in love with the elephant hamper....so I'm thinking maybe an animal thing....this would be good for a boy.  I'm not sure about a girl...I'll work on it tomorrow.  (maybe, I'm babysitting my neice tomorrow)
I'm actually thinking orange/hotpink/and white.  I'm not sure though. 

Of course, I'm also thinking about Molly's "big girl" bedroom.  We will be redoing her room too.  I think I have bedding picked out already.  We'll see.....

God Bless!

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