Baby Nursery Ideas

I am 17 Weeks today!!! Yahoo! Justin and I find out on Tuesday (hopefully) what we are going to have. I keep saying if the baby is anything like its dad, the shyness might keep us from knowing. If the baby is anything like me, it will show it's ass!!

We went to Babies r' us last night to look at cribs. We didn't really see anything we liked. We decided to buy from Baby News. We haven't been over there yet but there are a few we've seen online that we love!!

Nothing has really popped out at me yet though! I kinda think everything is going to end up on the gender.

I have also posted a couple options for bedding and themes.

For a girl's room:

For a boys' room: ( I have more ideas for a boy's room)

1. Razorback room
2. Dr. Suess
3. Airplanes

I'm loving the Dr. Suess room!!!
Justin and I want to keep the room's paint neutral so one day we might be able to sell the house. I'm thinking grey or a taupe of some color!! I think for either gender those colors would work!
I have this feel it's a girl. Call it momma's intuition or whatever. Girls' names are stumping me and a girl's room seems more overwhelming. I can't get down with the pink thing. I love red so maybe we'll stick with it!
Girls' names:
1. Lucy Mae (our mothers' maiden names)
2. Samantha Mae
3. Rosa Mae
Boys' names:
1. Steven Lucas (but call him Lucas)
2. William Steven (both our dads' name is Steven)
3. Lucas Austin
Any thoughts? Wish us luck!!
I will try and post a 16 week and 17 week pic later tonight.
Love you baby Floyd!!

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Brenda said...

I like Dr. Seuss. I'm off tomorrow so call me as soon as you know

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