16 weeks...tomorrow!!!

I'm super excited that I've made it to 16 weeks!! We had an appt. on Tuesday and the doc said everything looked and sounded fine! I can't tell you how awesome it is to hear the baby's heartbeat. It's the best sound in the world!!
I found this on someone elses' blog so I thought I would include it.
How far along?: 16 weeks
Total weight gain: 4 pounds
How big is baby?:

Maternity clothes?: I have decided that maternity clothes are the MOST comfortable clothes!! I love my stretchy pants!! Kelly, my sister in law gave me 2 tubs full of clothes. 1/2 of them fit because she is so tiny to start out with But it was a big help!
Stretch marks?: No yet...thank you lord
Sleep?: it's slowly dwinding. I'm pretty restless.
Best moment this week?: Hearing the baby's heartbeat!.
Movement?: None yet.
Food cravings?: All. I'm kinda back to digging food!
Labor signs?: No
Belly button in or out?: Still in...but it's protruding just ever so slightly!
What I miss: sushi from Haruno
What I'm looking forward to: The big ultrasound in two weeks. We will finally be able to find out what we are having!!!

I haven't posted any pictures yet so I'm catching you up!! Here you go...

12 weeks

13 weeks...before Ross and leah's wedding

14 weeks

15 weeks

More to come later....

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