Meet Maverick!!

Justin and I got a new car on Saturday. We drove to Bentonville, Ar to shop at the Honda dealership. We bought a 2010 Honda Pilot. It's atomic blue!!! I've decided to name it Maverick...after my favorite pilot...get it? Huh? Good huh?

It has a DVD player!! I've got so many buttons to learn how to use. The above picture is of my dash.
I love it!! It drives so well that I can't tell that it's 3X the size of Lily!
It was a good weekend...besides the car. We got to visit with Ross, Leah and Sam. We also got to meet Sam's new girlfriend...Rachel. She's cute and super nice. Sister approves.
On the baby front: Justin and I still haven't decided on a name yet. Booooo!

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