We ordered our crib and bedding!!!

It's been a good week for the Floyd's. We finally ordered our crib and our daughter's bedding. I'm super excited about it and I can't wait until it comes in!! Here you go...It's called Cocalo Deliah

Plus we got the mobile, the lamp (not pictured) and the hamper (also not pictured)

Here's the website for so you can see all the other accessories!


We also ordered the crib, chest of drawers and dresser (that we can use as a changing table)...
We decided against the hutch but might go back and get it...i don't know.

Justin and I are super lucky. The in-laws bought our crib and my parents bought our bedding and accessories!! We know we are blessed. We don't take it for granted and we thank God everyday for great examples of parents!! Thank you!

Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks!! YAH!!! I can't believe that I'm half way through my pregnancy! It's cliche, but it seems like only yesterday I found out I was preggo. In 20 weeks or less, we will get to meet our darling and precious daughter. Nuts!!!

My friends are great too!! Danielle and Kelly B are going to throw me a shower sometime in the fall and Kelly S. (my SIL) and Nicole are going to throw me one in January. This girl is going to have more clothes that she knows what to do with. Kelly has already mentioned that Hannah and Claire have some clothes they never wore or wore only once! plus, my mom loves going shopping. Yesterday, she gave me 6 outfits. I love going in that room. I know it's empty but UI can't help but think about what it's going to be.

Tuesday, Justin and I went to see Dr. Graves for my 19 1/2 week appt. It went well. The baby's heartrate was 145. Good and steady. it's pretty much stayed around 145-150 the entire time. I weighed 154...which means I've gained 9 pounds since the beginning. That doesn't seem like very much. I promise I eat!!

Justin and I are still having trouble coming up with a name for our daughter. Here's some possibilites. Please, feel free to give opinions.

Lucy Mae

Abigail Rae

Abigail Marie

Molly Erin

Molly Grace

Abigail Lucy

Gail is MIL's middle name and Raye is my mom's middle name. So far, Abigail Rae is at the top of the list...BUT...my mom hates it!! She doesn't like Rae...don't ask me why though! So...our daughter remains baby girl Floyd...or Flina :)

Time to complain: I am sooooo tired. This weather is killing me. this week is going by so slow!! It's seems like I've had something every morning this week and something every afternoon. For example: I had an intervention team meeting at 7:00 this morning. I'm new to the committee and I believe in the cause so in the end my sleep can suffer.

On a happier note: (and then I will finish...so much to tell this week) Justin and I are going to buy a new car for ME!!! We're looking at the Honda Pilot.

I think we're going to Fayetville to see Sam and Ross and Leah...and to Landers. You know, when I lived in Arkansas I alsways felt left out b/c I didn't have a car from Lander's...yah for new cars!!

Pray for us!!


26 Dresses and Counting said...

Sara Rachel- stop on by my blog...and figure out who I am....it won't be that hard.

FYI...Bikes, Blues, and BBQ is this weekend in Fayetteville. It's packed with 100,000 extra people down here.

But, if you come, give me a call. And know that you're always welcome to stay with me.


Leah said...

Here I am, leaving a comment on your blog, which I found all by myself! And you know what? I heard that 400,000 extra people were here. I don't think I made that up...but I guess you never know!

We have a blog, too! Check it out!

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