On the market

Our house that is...We listed our house in North Springfield in late May, right after school got out. We really want to move to Ozark. It's closer to both of our jobs. PLUS, it's actually the district where Miss Molly and future baby #2 will go to school. It's the district I teach in.

So we've listed our house. We've joined the thousands of people who are trying to sell their house. GAHHHHHH! Makes me nervous. Add in the fact that everytime we leave our house it takes us an extra 15 minutes b/c I have to make sure all of Molly's toys are put away and spray smelly good stuff....JUST IN CASE! But it's excited and I'm looking forward to moving to Ozark.

Anywhoo....here's some pictures of our beautiful house.

It's about 1800 sq. ft in an awesome neighborhood. 3 bed, 2 bath...we bought it in 2005 and we have been the only owners!

These Pics are in no order...thanks Blogger!

3 car garage! Master Bath

Master Bed

Breakfast Nook


Bedroom #3

Guest Bath
Living room

Formal Dining (but we use it as an office/den)

Molly's room (Bedroom #2)

Anyone interested in moving to North Springfield, MO?

God Bless!


Mallory said...

Pretty house, wish I needed to move to Springfield! ;)

RVnRN said...

It looks great! Good luck with your house hunt. We are listing ours very soon too!

Alicia Yamashita said...

I just love looking at houses, even though I won't be able to move out of my little apartment for quite a while. Your house is beautiful, I'm sure it'll go fast! Good luck!

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