30 Day blog challenge: UPDATE

I'm going to attempt to get back on the challenge again.

Day 15: Role Model
I've got role models in all aspects of my life.
My mom is of course one.

Coach Steve Hunter is a professional role model. He's a great basketball coach and I enjoy working with and for him.

Angie Stewart is another professional role model. She is one of the greatest teachers I know. The way she strives to help her students learn is something I can only strive to do. I've actually already blogged about her here in another challenege post.

God Bless!


Mallory said...

I'm pretty sure your Coach Steve Hunter is the one who lived and coached in West Plains for awhile. Is his wife Julie? His son Jordan was in my grade! :)

sfloyd said...

YES!!! He coached at Hartville too! He's my asst. Principal now. He's such a great coach!!

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