My sadness

I'm not really good at expressing my feelings in writing.

I try to keep politics off my blog b/c this is of course, not for me, it's really for Molly. But the recent events in Arizona have made me...for a lack of better words...sad.

Since November's mid-term election...that's not really true, it's really been since the 2008 Presidential election... I've been sad for our country and the government in the country.

I'm sure it didn't start in 2008 but it was then that I started noticing how the politicans in our country talk to each other. How they were talking ABOUT each other.

Many people who know me, know that I really don't like Sarah Palin. It's not that she's a conservative...it's NOT her political views or her party!!!! It's the way she made a name for herself. She's not a politican anymore...she's a flapping mouth. She stirs the pot! She talks about people, our leaders (despite what you think of Mr. Obama, he's the leader of our country for the next couple of years) like he's a leach that needs to be pulled off and drained of the blood of America. But it's not just President Obama. She talked about Congresswoman Giffords during the election as if she was on a hit list.

But here's the thing...it's not just at the national level that I'm seeing this. Today, in the Springfield News-Leader (the only local paper we have to read), there was an editorial about the NEW presiding commissioner. But the base of the editorial was how the new one was different from the old one. The outgoing Presiding Commissioner has served our county for 22 years. He's a no-bull, tough guy, bully (that's NOT a direct quote)...or so they said in editorial. But Dave, that's the outgoing commissioner's name, goes to church with me and is NOT the man that they painted in the paper. Nor is it the same man that was beat in November's election. The county I live in did him a huge dis-service by not re-electing him. He's not the liberal agenda pushing, fiscally irresponsible political they slandered him as. He's a decent, thoughtful, good Christian man who proudly and graciously served the people of Greene county.

Shame on you Springfield News - Leader!
Shame on you for printing an editorial like this on the DAY AFTER a congresswoman is shot.
Shame on you for letting one of your editors speak about a FORMER politican the way he did after he's let office.

My anger during the elction was directed towards those indivduals who used their political party to win the election they were running for. Today, my anger is directed towards those people who speak about people as if they were dirt.

I would like to challenge everyone to speak to each other and about our politicans and each other with a little respect.

God Bless!


Amanda M. said...

I love this post. I feel the same way about Sarah P., but that's not why I love the post. I agree wholeheartedly with what you're saying. And I'm saddened to hear this type of talk has even reached the local level in your area. :-(

Leah said...

Wake up and smell the coffee, lady! The only decent journalism out there anymore is NPR. And even NPR has its flaws. It saddens me. After all, I am a journalist at heart.

The real question is are they making us dumber, or are they dumbing down the news because sensationalism is all we'll watch? I think it's the latter, and the root of the problem is much deeper than piss poor journalism -- it's piss poor education and the utter devolution of society as a whole.

**soapbox speech over.**

Love you guys!

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