My opinion on all things Charlie Sheen!

Okay...so the guy has gone off the rocker and CBS has cancelled the making of new episodes of T&AH MEN. I understand all that...what I dont' understand is this..."What happened to this guy (besides drugs and alcohol) to make him screwed up in the first place?"

We're talking about the guy who came about in the 80s and made rolls in rolls like "boy in the police station" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Bud Fox in "Wall Street" look like biographic rolls.

Let's be honest, "Charlie" in T&AH Men had to have been written with Sheen in mind.....he's so MESSED UP.

I also feel bad for the other actors, stage crew, etc. who have been affected by Sheen's "bad choices"...I mean, come on! John Cryer is funny in the show too! And he started out just like Sheen...a star in the 80s. Ducky is one of my favorite 80s characters!! He's classicly dorky and that's what makes Cryer so funny! He plays Ducky all grown up!

But why am I surprised about what's going on with Sheen? If the parts are so close to home, why did some one not see it before NOW? (oh and I know they have) Maybe it's because I thought those were just movies!! I thought that stars lived their lives seperate from their work. But in some sad cases, (like Heath Ledger and Sheen) maybe they can't.

But on the other hand, Sheen has made a lot of money acting a fool on screen. People (like me) have laughed their way through season after season of Charlie's debotchery...and thought it was hilarious!

Are we, the viewers, and the producers, writers and directors partly to blame for actors like Sheen acting like they do? Do we expect them to act like that? Does it make them worht more money?

If so, that's sad and shame on us!

That's all I have to say about that...oh wait...wrong movie! :)

God Bless!

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Hilary Lane said...

His interview with ABC was AWFUL! He looked horrible and super classy smoking his cig with his ashtray/water bottle. And his two nanny/porn star girlfriends? Wow... don't get me started there.. Ugh.

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