12 months old!

You've already seen the 1st birthday pictures. We finally got the 12 month pics taken today. (only 1 1/2 week late)

What Molly's been up to this month:
- Wearing 12 -18 / 18 month clothes. She's wearing some 12 month stuff too!
- Drinking 1 8 oz. bottle of formula per day (at night before bed)...we're trying to cut that out too.
- Eating oatmeal for breakfast most mornings (with yogurt or applesauce mixed in)
- Started eating "snacky" type food: carrot and apple bites, crackers, cookies (still no puffs though)
- Eats 2 baby food containers for lunch and dinner. The happy baby containers though are 4.5 oz each...So she eats about 8 oz of food for those meals.
- Drinks anywhere from 4 - 10 oz of whole milk per day
- Walking a couple of steps at a time
- Crusing along EVERYTHING!!!!
- Started satcking blocks on top of one another
- Sleeps 11-12 hours per night (8pm - 6:00am most nights)
- Still sucking on the binkie but we're cutting it out too
- Taking one nap at school per day (12 - 3ish)
- Says words like "mama" "dada" "byebye" "nana" "caca" (cat) "ba" (ball)
- Signs "More"
- Pushes EVERYTHING around - including chairs, bar stools, toys
- Weighs 21.7 lbs (50%) and is 29 3/4 inches long (75%)

God Bless!


The Flores Garden said...

She sounds just like where Xavier is right now! We still do a bottle at naptime, as well though. I need to start cutting that out but I'm putting it off because I'm convinced he sleeps better after he has it...lol. The pics are too cute! Congrats on 12 months!

Leah said...

I'm 336 months old! By the way, when did we start counting age in months?

sfloyd said...

Leah - we count months until about age 2...that's when clothes even out. :)

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