One year ago today...

I gave birth to the most precious baby girl ever! I can't believe it's been a year already.

It seems like Justin and I waited forever for Molly to get here...now, time is flying.

It also happens to be my dad's 53rd birthday! They are have the pleasure of sharing a birthday! I know in all reality, my dad is above the moon to share it with his first grandchild. They have a bond that no one can break!

12 month pics coming tonight or tomorrow. The party is coming along too. It's Saturday and there's still so much to do b/t now and then. I'm going to get a lot accomplished today...b/c I just have too!

Hope everyone is enjoying the same weather we are here in SW Missouri! It's so great!! I love spring weather!! (I'm kinda looking forward to summer though!)

God Bless!

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Kendra said...

Yay!!!!!! Happy happy birthday Molly. I can't believe we have 1 year olds. What an amazing journey this has been. Im sure the party is going to be perfect. I cant wait to see pics. Im hoping my vision come together too!! Enjoy every second.

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