Go Ozark!

This week was homecoming week at our school. Monday was "go team go!" day...I wore my Akransas football jersey. Tuesday was "Jersey Shore" day...it was interesting to see what the kids wore...I, however, did NOT dress up. Wednesday was "Nerd Day"...I had all of my outfit on...suspenders, glasses with tape, pigtails, tight rolled khakis...but in the end I decided that I certainly could not go to school dressed like that...unprofessional even if it had shown school spirit... Thursday was "class color" day... (freshman=green, Soph=blue, juniors=purple, and seniors always wear pink)...I wore black!!!

Friday was "school spirit" day...everyone was dressed up in their Ozark tiger wear...I wore my tiger tail and ears...I got a lot of comments and looks but it was fun...

Friday night, Justin, Molly and I went to Ozark's homecoming football game vs Republic. We dressed in our football attire and headed to Ozark...It was PERFECT football weather! Ozark won!!!

Molly's bow is custom made by Michellene at Princess Couture Designs

God Bless!

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