The Return Of Television

I LOVE the fall but let's be honest...what's not to love?
1. The weather rocks!
2. Football season
3. All the TV shows premire!!!

I watch too much TV...my hisband would agree...but I love losing myself in stupid shows...and boy howdy..I have a lot of shows!

So, for something fun...I thought I would post my TV schedule...granted a lot of these actaully begin next week...there are some that start tonight!!! WHOO WHOO!! My DVR is going to get a good workout b/c I'm nice and don't make the hubbie bubbie watch all these...:)

(All times are central - * denotes a new show!)

8:oo pm- The CW - Gossip Girl -
8:30- CBS - Mike and Mindy*
9:00-Hawaii 5-0* - Tweeter from Varsity Blues and some other hot dude...might be interesting

7:00 - FOX- GLEE - So obsessed right now!
8:00 - the CW - Life Unexpected
9:00 - NBC - Parenthood
9:00 - CBS - The Good Wife

8:00 - ABC- Modern Family
9:00 - CBS - The Defenders* - also a remake of an older show (like Hawaii 5-0) - I see a trend!!

7:00 - CBS - Big Bang Theory - moved to Thursday!!
7:00 - The CW - Vampire Diaries
8:00 - CBS - CSI - I'm anxious to see whether they kill off Lawrence Fishburn - oh and Justin Beiber in the premeire...maybe they'll kill him off to!!
8:00 - ABC - Grey's Anatomy - OMG!! Tha's all I'm going to say!

Friday: For the first time since TGIF (when i was a kid - Family Matters, etc.), I actually have Friday night shows!!
8:00 - CBS - CSI:NY -
9:00 - CBS - Blue Bloods* - Tom Seleick, Donny Walberg, some other hot guy...police drama se tin NY...sounds good...a bit like NYPD Blue though..hummmm

Overall, CBS is going to have the majority of my attention...It used to be on NBC (Friends, ER, Etc)...I honestly think that CBS has it's finger on the pulse of the tv audience. NBC gets a failing grade in my opionion. 1 show that I'm interested in - that's ridiculous... I though maybe The Event would be interesting but after watching the previews, it looks a bit lik Lost to me...I never got that show.

What's your favorite shows? Leave me a comment!

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Hilary Lane said...

I always wondered how TV worked in different time zones! Does that mean people in CA have to watch Gossip Girl at 6:00? I'm definitely a CW addict. As well ABC!

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