Sometimes, Always, Never

Over at A Day in the Life, Mallory did this fun, little post so I thought I would join in and make my list...since I've not posted in a while...

I always...
-try and watch Grey's Anatomy
-love Nicholas Sparks books
-buckle my seatbelt
-check my email first thing in the morning...it's a habit....
-love hearing about my hubbie's day...even if he thinks I don't listen
-use sarcasm as a defense mechanism
-love to shop...mainly for Molly though
-wish I could eat dessert first...without looking like a weirdo!
-brush my teeth TWICE a day!!
-have a cup of coffee in the morning
-wish I could cook better
-love eating at nice resturants
-love sushi!!!
-hit the SNOOZE button once...see below...

I sometimes...
-hit it more than 3 times...shush Justin!!
-wish I read more and watched less TV
-want to take a photography class
-wish my life didn't depend on freshman
-think I should exercise and eat better...but then I don't...
-want to live in a big city!!
-am in the mood to scrapbook

I never...
-wish I had a different life!
-get tired of watching Molly sleep and listening to her talk
-regret working at the high school I graduated from!! Go OZARK!!
-thank my parents enough
-get tired of listening to Garth Brooks music
-stop missing my little brother Sam

That's all for now but I'll try and add more later!

God Bless!
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