It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Around our house...finally.

Last night we had our friends Christmas party (which made the game today a little more interesting). We had a lot of fun. It's the first one we've had and we decided to make it an ugly sweater party and a $10 gift card exchange. Lots of fun had by all!!

Nicole and her amazingly, awesome outfit!!! Kyle, Justin (my husband) and Shaun The girls I'll try to get some more up later. My SIL has the group pics on her camera....

Today, I had my fourth game of the week...we won by 4! A little too close for my comfort but after the 21 point loss on Thursday, I'll take the win!!

B/c of the party last night, Justin and I were both rather tired this afternoon but I was determined to get Molly's first Christmas going. So.....Justin got in the attic and pulled all the decorations down and we got to fancying up the house.

Here's the kicker, we wanted to do some arranging in the office and living room. Remember teh way the living room looked? If not, check it out HERE. Here's what it looks like now..............

We moved the light brown couch into the office. Since we have a tv in there, we thought it might be more condusive. PLUS...Molly has a bigger play area and less stuff to hurt her little noggin on. The bigger coffee table is going to storage. Here's the problem...we've got to find something to put in the "HOLE" when the Christmas tree comes down. Here's what I'm thinking. I've found a corner shelf at Target and Hobby Lobby that would fit. Then we could get a wing back chair of some sort.

Oh and we did finally put our Christmas tree up.

I love this time of year b/c it gives us all a chance to refocus our attention on the King, Jesus Christ. I bought this Nativity scene last year on the day after Christmas in Jouplin. 1/2 price...and I just love it. I want the setting up of this scene to become a tradition of our family.

And last but not least, my snowman collection (well part of it) I'm going to take some better pictures tomorrow and hopefully get a good one of Molly in front of the tree. I still don't have our Christmas card made, ordered or sent out. That's my goal for this week. We alos have plans to got to Silver Dollar City with my in-laws. It's supposed to be COLD so I'm not sure how long we'll stay.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!

God Bless!


Mallory said...

Your tree looks so pretty! We had our Sunday School party tonight and we decided ourselves to wear tacky sweaters....uh, a couple ladies had some on for REAL! They were like, Oh nice sweater...Kody have you had yours awhile? It was all we could do not to laugh. His was a felt, zip up, and size medium...womens. Oh boy!

The Rinkers said...

Those are some good looking sweaters!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've enjoyed reading yours as I'm due with baby #1 around the same time you were last year.

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