Day 14: A Non-fiction Book

ummmmmm.... this is kinda weird b/c I'm not exactly sure if thuis means a non-fictional book that I'm just head over heels about...or what... so I'm going with the book

"Band of Brothers" by Stephen Ambrose.

Now, this is an interesting choice b/c some would argue that it's actually a fiction book. it's been decided that Ambrose "made up" a lot of what's in the book.

And...this is the book that was made into the 10 part series for HBO...you know that one that was produced by Tom Hanks and Stephen Speilberg. I LOVE THE BOOK AND THE SERIES!

I've seen the series a countless number of times and would show it in class if there was time and it didn't have so many "F" words.

If you know me personally, you know that I love World War II. When I get stressed out and have anxiety attackes (which I've been having more often these days), a secret of mine is to list world war I ans wwII generals. Weird I know...but I never claimed to be normal....

God Bless!

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