1st birthday ideas

So, it's December and in 2 1/2 SHORT months, I will have a one year old. And like any crazy mom, I'm already thinking about her birthday party! (She actaully shares a birthday with my dad. - Feb. 16th)
Along with my mom, I've been thinking about a "theme" for the party itself. Some ideas I've had are:
1. Cupcakes - to eat and as a theme
2. Pink Sock monkeys - I loved them as a kid but I've decided it won't be "foo, foo" enough.

But I'm not a huge fan of either of these...so...

After thinking for the past week or so... Strawberries
I'm a Zeta Tau Alpha and one of our symbols is strawberries. They have always been my favorite fruits. Here is the problem though...her birthday is in February. Strawberries aren't exactly in season...but It's not like I will be serving fresh ones, so it might work. And since technically, Molly is not supposed to have strawberries until age 2...(allergy in the hubbie's family), we won't serve her any either.
PLUS... we could make the colors red, green and white...that's almost valentine's day - e...

I know what you are thinking..."it sounds like she's already made up her mind..." but what do y'all think? Strawberries?
Or is there another theme out there that's I've not thought of?
God Bless!

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Leah said...

I think you should do a Strawberry Shortcake theme! (The cartoon, not the cake. Although the cake would be fine, too!)

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