Blog Challenge Upate!

So listen...I had the best of intentions...and I will update the blog challenge...I SWEAR...it's just that this week has been rough on deal ole' Sara.

I think it all started last week...my last update was on Tuesday...I wasn't sure who my role model was. I have so many to choose from. Then, I had to actaully WORK during my off time at school....I know Really? (LOL) Witht the end of the semester coming, grading HAS to get finished and I was waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy behind.

Then, Molly got a horrible diaper rash....her first...and hopefully her last. I'm not really sure how she got it...nothing has really changed. I obviously thought it must be something they were not doing at her daycare right...I went round and round with them at the end of last week....

Then I had a ball game on Friday night, Christmas shopping on Saturday (in the blue cold - thanks Canada for sending us some winter temps), then practice on Sunday, followed by more shopping.

Which brings us to this week...the COC tounrey...otherwise known as the conference tounrament...did y'all know I coached 7th grade girls' basketball...oh wait...I'm hosting said tounrey. NEAT!!

So...I'm putting off the remainder of the 30 day blog challenge until the weekend. I swear I will start again.... Sunday will be day 15 - My role model...

I think one of the important things to keep in mind is that being a mommy means that you have to flexible...I hope my readers can remain flexible with me...

God Bless!

P.S. Justin and I have a friend (actaully Justin's best man) who's mom is struggling with small cell lung cancer. It's in her liver, lymph nodes, spine, ribs and bone marrow. Please help us pray for the Ryker family and they find a way to cope with this hard time. (Especially around Christmas) Thanks!

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