Molly's First Christmas and an update...finally!

I know...it's been a while...things have been busy as I'm sure they have for you guys too! It feels like I haven't stopped since...well October...basketball is kinda wearing me out. It's always been busy and stressful but this year has been extra trying. With Molly being around, and my team being a little more, for a lack of a better word, trying...the blog has been the last thing on my priority list. For example, my last game before break was on last Monday. It was in Camdenton... an hour and 45 minutes away from home...talk about sucking...

A lot of things have come and gone...I will get to those things later...first I would like to tell you guys about our 3 person family's first Christmas...

Christmas started for us on Wednesday last. We had a little get together with Justin's extended family. His 86 year old grandmother is in the nursing home but we still try and get together every once and while and try and stay close. There are 4 little ones so they keep us entertained. (Our nieces, Hannah 4 1/2, and Claire 2 1/2, baby Grayden, 1 and Miss Molly, 10 months) Molly got her SECOND ear infection last week, so she looks a little rough. (She had green goop coming out of her eye ducts...totally GROSS!)
It was her first experience opening presents and, to tell you the truth, she really wasn't into it. By the end of the weekend, she got to liking pull the paper out of the bags...but that's it...

Molly did, however, like to play in the paper....

On Thursday night, our very best friends Shaun and Nicole came over and gave Miss Molly her presents...they came over around bathtime so Molly was only in her diaper...it turned out pretty cute though...

We spend Christmas Eve with Justin's family. We switch off every year (although, I think that has come to an end...you'll see why laster). We played games, ate dinner (YUM!) and around 8, we went to Christmas Eve service at church. It was especially exciting because Justin, Molly and I had been asked to light to first advent candle...the cangle of HOPE...I read and Justin and Molly lit the candle. I was stressed but very excited at the same time. We got home and the girls (Hannah, Claire and Molly) opened their Christmas pj's from Mammaw. They were totally adorable...we tried to get a picture of the three of them in front of the tree...

You can see how well that worked...LOL!

We got up Christmas morning at Justin's parent's house and opened presents with them...I got some pretty great presents...all things I asked for: a new Bible, some plasticware, a new watch and a few gift cards that I asked for..Ann Taylor, Kohl's, Peir 1. We were very blessed.

All 3 girls got baby dolls and we tried (again) to get a pic of all three of them in front of the tree...LOL...

Here's where the REAL fun starts...from Justin's parents' house, we headed home to take showers, unload the car, unpack, repack, reload the car and drive to Gainsville, Missouri (1 1/2 hour) away to go to my Pa Joe's mom's house by 1 pm (Granny Lyndell), then to my Mimi and Pa's house that night, then to Calico Rock, Arkansas (1 hour south of Gainsville) by 9ish to spend time with my dad's family (Grandma and Granddad Perryman)

All went pretty wwell up until this point...I forgot the bag with the bottles and formula at my Mimi's house in Gainsville. We realized it when we got to Calico...an hour away. I flipped at this point...some would say that I went a little nuts. Justin and I jumoed in the car and headed to Mt. Home (1/2 way) to meet my Mimi and Pa...me crying to whole way there. By the time we got back to Calico, it was 10:30, Molly was still up and Justin and I were both beat. We went ot bed and tried to decompress.

We got up on Sunday morning and went to church with my grandma and granddad. My brother sang with the choir (no, he doesn't live down there). We got to visit with my Papa Bill (my mom's dad) later that day and then that afternoon, after a long Molly nap, we opened presents with my parents. Again, I was very blessed. Having picked out most of my presents, I knew what I was getting: boots, Big Star jeans (my first pair of my own). But I was also pleasently surprised: a pair of Northface fleece pants (that I wanted but mom wouldn't buy) and my bro got me a Dutch oven. We are so blessed.

Granddad and Nana with Miss Molly

Our little family...Justin and Molly matched..I didn't :(

Miss Molly's Christmas dress.
Dress, bow, and tights: Dillard's
Shoes: Macy's
We spent another night at my parent's cabin in Calico Rock, on the White River...it's the bomb. Monday morning we went and Molly got her first haircut. (Post coming later) Then, we came home. It was a stessful Christmas and it was a good Christmas.

We hope all of you had a great Christmas!
God Bless!

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Mallory said...

Are you related to a Georgia Perryman? She lives in Viola, AR. Great Christmas post, but yes, traveling is so stressful! We traveled 3 hours and it about did me in and I don't have a baby yet. I wish it was more simple this time of year!!

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